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Travel Tips: The most beautiful places to cure the autumn blues

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The last warm summer days have lingered a long time, the memories of lukewarm summer nights gradually fade, as he enters the great show stage of emotions – THE AUTUMN BLUES. Coldly, he catches us each year, swirls our thoughts, makes us freeze before the approaching winter. But be careful, we have looked for beautiful places to lure even the most melancholic pirates behind the stove and say goodbye to the blues. Here are some of the travel tips for this autumn:

  1. Travel Tips: Autumn walk in the Black Forest
    The foliage rustles and crackles under the shoes, the sun sends its last warm rays through the leaf plait and provides for a color game of the extra class. Is there something more beautiful than a forest walk through the Black Forest? Probably hardly, the highest and largest cohesive middle mountain range offers to formally for hiking. So grab your dog, your loved one or grandma and get out into the fresh air! Another highlight in the Black Forest is the small village of Baiersbronn, which, in addition to a unique backdrop, also houses some exquisite restaurants, which can name as many as eight Michelin stars spread over three starches. After all, nothing better can lift your spirits than a really delicate meal! Hmm it is delicious!


  1. Travel Tips: Visit the Big Apple
    New York – who never sleeps, even in the autumn. Golden breaks the light through the skyscrapers, Rauhreif overrides the morning benches in Central Park. However, this does not mean that you have to blow in the Big Apple tribulation. On the contrary, the golden season here shows its most beautiful and warmest side. If you could barely hit the street in the summer without a heat hit, the autumn in the Big Apple really offers to go out – whether cycling, walking or shopping, the heart gets what it desires. Gruselfans should paint the 31st October red in the calendar, then in New York is the Village Halloween Parade, the world’s largest move to the Feast of Witches, vampires, ghosts and various other spectators. The spectacle is a real eye-catcher, not only the fancy costumes provide for the one or the other aha effect, also skeletons which on large poles over the heads of the society overlap may leave a few mouth wide open.


  1. Travel Tips: Bodleian Library Oxford, England
    In the main library of the University of Oxford, the big parts were shot for the first two Harry Potter films. It is no wonder, then, that a few hours in the gothic rooms simply disappear the autumn blues. Afterwards, you can have a look at the whole Harry Potter series with a delicious cocoa with icing on the cake – nothing helps better against gloomy mood than a large portion of magic.


  1. Travel Tips: Roadtrip along the Wine Road & Romantic Road
    What better helps against autumn blues than a glass of wine, or two or three? The Weinstraße winds itself 85 km from Rheinhessen to Alsace. Zig kilometers of country road passing by in the wind swaying vines, the fullest enjoyment and a small tipple promised. In this sense: For the sake! The Romantic Road holds what it promises – here, princess dreams come true! From the Main, you drive along Germany’s oldest road, past the fairytale Neuschwanstein up to the Bavarian Swabian Alps. On the way there are numerous small towns with a dreamy old town, beautiful hiking routes and one of the most famous Rococo churches, the Wieskirche.

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  1. Travel Tips: Colmar, France
    The prize for the most delightful city of Alsace goes to Colmar. Surrounded by vineyards, kissed by the sun and equipped with a distinctive little town charm, the city south of Strasbourg enchants its visitors. In particular, the old town with its multi-colored half-timbered houses and the numerous bridges ensure that you can not miss a visit to the most beautiful city in France. After a boat trip on the river Lauch, where you can enjoy an enchanting view over the city, you can end the evening in one of the cozy restaurants with a good glass of wine!


  1. Travel Tips: Baltic Sea or Mecklenburg Lake District
    The wind in the hair and a fresh sea breeze around the nose – oh, the sea is not only wide, but also beautiful. Especially in the autumn, when most tourists have packed up their seven things, the beaches of the East and North Sea invite to long walks. In the evening you sit in front of a crackling fireplace fire, with a glass of red wine in your hand tightly cuddled on the sofa – pure romance! Although the Mecklenburg Lake District is no longer an insider’s tip, the hype nevertheless does not abort. The more than 1000 lakes form a wide network, which is ideal for sailing, fishing and rowing. Also walking is a revelation here, especially the Müritz National Park with a World Natural Heritage invites you to relax and unwind.


  1. Travel Tips: With a book to Café Tasso, Berlin Friedrichshain
    Is there anything more beautiful than making yourself comfortable with a good book, a big cup of coffee and a piece of delicious cake on a cozy couch? Yes, if you can do it all at Café Tasso, because there is not only a large selection of antiquarian books, there is also really delicious food in organic quality. This really inviting place to chill is located in the trendy Friedrichshain district of Berlin.


  1. Travel Tips: Halloween
    Pirates love nothing so much as disguise themselves and put others in fear and fright. No wonder Halloween is on top of the popularity scale. Although the hype in Germany is not nearly comparable with the Tohuwabohu in the USA, but also here, there are always more big Halloween parties. The oldest horror test is typically held at Frankenstein Castle. But beware: the characters who drive there are hunted down the spine. If the knees are already shattered at the sight of the mother-in-law, he should perhaps consider a visit to a pumpkin market at the halloweek time. So there is a large market on the Karls Erlebnisnishöfen, one finds itself in the Berlin surrounding country and the other on the Baltic Sea.

Travel Tips Special: The domestic bathtub

Why go into the distance when the good is in the form of a bath filled with warm water so close? Quiet music in the background, flickering candlelight, a glass of red wine and a good smack, it really does not need to find itself in the seventh heaven again.


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