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Shoe care in winter: Thus leather shoes remain beautiful

shoe care in winter
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For comfortable warm feet and a good wearing comfort, leather shoes are the right choice in winter. The natural material leather has valuable properties: it protects against damp and cold, regulates the warmth and moisture content and adapts to the foot by its natural stretch-ability. But just leather makes shoe care in winter particularly difficult. Because only through regular care the high-quality shoes remain beautiful in winter!

Shoe care in winter: this needs leather shoes

#1 Impregnate
An indispensable step for optimal shoe care in winter is to impregnate new shoes – whether from rough or smooth leather – before you wear them for the first time. This protects against moisture, moisture and dirt. Impregnation products are available as sprays, pump atomizers and liquid variants. In this case, the safety instructions on the packs must be observed at all times: impregnating agent sprays or pump sprays may only be used outdoors or with good ventilation, For example on the balcony. The new impregnation foams, which must be dried or rubbed, are new.

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#2 Ventilate well
For shoe care in winter, it is also essential to air shoes after each wearing. This allows the shoe and leather to be air-conditioned and the moisture is released from the inside to the outside. Shoe-tensioners made of wood also help: After wearing, shoes and boots can be worn warmly on the shoe tensioner in order to preserve the shape of the shoes. The wood can absorb moisture well and then return it to the surrounding air. If the shoes have gotten soaked by rain or snow monsters, it is important to allow the leather to dry thoroughly. For this, the shoes are stuck with newspaper paper and they dry slowly at normal room temperature. To prevent the leather from tearing, shrinking and unsightly, brittle areas, make sure that the shoe is not exposed to excessive heat. Therefore, Never dry directly on the heater.

#3 Brush the bridle
The shoe care in winter poses very different challenges than in summer. So, in the cold and wet season, even coarse dirt must be removed. This should be done carefully with the help of a suitable brush. Also for the refreshment one should occasionally brush out suede leather. This also prevents brittle-looking spots. Salt edges should always be removed as quickly as possible: Dab a sponge in lukewarm distilled water with a drop of rinsing agent, wring it out and gently rub the edges. Then wipe, dry and apply the proper leather care.

The best care products for shoe care in winter

For the different types of leather there are different care products, which keep the natural product supple and guarantee a long product value. Heavy-duty shoes made of heavy-duty leather can be cultivated intensively with leather oils or greases. For well-covered smooth leather, there is a can shoe shoe cream, finer shoes from smooth or rugged leather require fine shoe care products.

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