“Sex and the City”, The chapter is closed

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We can now close this chapter for good. Sex and the City, in series or movie form, is over forever and we can stop dreaming, speculating and wondering when Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte will take Manhattan again because it will not happen. And we can point to a particular culprit (one, concrete), as it has just been unveiled. Ready? Because it does not surprise us at all …

According to the reports, It was Kim Cattrall who, with unrealistic demands for a real diva, have ruthlessly boycotted and denied the filming of the third film release just when she was about to start filming for Sex and the City

“The only reason the film will not be filmed is by Kim Cattrall,” says close to Warner Bros, the series producer. “Everyone was waiting for it to happen but Kim made everything turn around and began to become the victim,” they continue.

So, what exactly do they mean by waiting for it to happen? Those ‘extravagant’ requests that made Warner stop the whole project?


Apparently Kim demanded them to star in other films in exchange for appearing in the third part of Sex and the City, something that they have not accepted. So, with Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon and Kristin Davis already confirmed, everything was canceled.

It would not make sense to continue the stories of this group of friends without Samantha’s presence. And, despite the fans’ wishes to see them in action again, they must ‘thank’ Kim not to happen.

About Sex and the City, “The script was fantastic,” they reveal. “The fans would have loved it but Warner could not give in to Kim’s ridiculous requests. Everyone is very sad,” they conclude. Thanks, Kim Cattrall.

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