Ranbir Kapoor on Deepika Padukone’s Padmavati: I am dying to watch the film

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posters and trailers have definitely left actors and the audience waiting for the movie to release desperately. Not just Ranveer but Shahid and Deepika’s performances in the trailer are also worth a watch. But there is no denying that Ranveer totally stole the show as the wicked Alauddin Khilji. If the posters impressed you, the trailer will blow your mind and how! The film will release on 1st December 2017 and we are super excited for it. Twitter was full of positive responses after the makers and the actors released the Padmavati trailer. We still can’t stop talking about it. Padmavati is one movie this year that we just can’t miss.

Alia Bhatt was also present at the event. And while speaking on the same topic, as Ranir, she said, “Alia: Competition inspires. When I saw Deepika’s look in Padmavati I was jumping in my room because it looks so exciting. But initially I wasn’t like that. I am a very competitive person but I feel that we’re in a space where we can actually be inspired by each other’s work.”

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Ranbir was interacting with the media at the Jio MAMI Film Festival two days ago. He was talking about how competition in the industry makes him work harder, and how it inspires him to do better, when he addressed Deepika’s looks. “You feel bad but you feel inspired as well. This is my tenth year. Probably earlier on I was more competitive and jealous but then you reach a point where it’s about your survival, your choices and how good you are. Now when I see Varun doing Judwaa I feel happy because so early he has learnt the art of pleasing the audience. When I see the looks of Deepika, Shahid and Ranveer from Padmavati, I’m dying to watch the film,” he said. Well, get in line Ranbir. (ALSO READ: Padmavati trailer leaves Bollywood SPEECHLESS! Alia Bhatt, Varun Dhawan, Hrithik Roshan can’t wait to watch this December release)

We are certainly bowled over by the enigmatic Padmavati trailer. Only Sanjay Leela Bhansali can encapsulate cinematic brilliance in this way. plays the titular role in the upcoming epic film and plays the Rajput Queen, Rani Padmini, who has been immortalised by Indian folklores. Well, we are not even surprised by the response the trailer is getting. In fact we know it will blow our mind away right when we saw the first posters of the film featuring the actress. Deepika’s ex-beau, , too, had a jaw-drop moment once he came across the internet-breaking posters.




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