Kim Kardashian makes it official: “Let’s have a baby!”

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Kylie Jenner and Khloé Kardashian have been the source of many rumors these past few days, but the only one to make official announcement of having a baby on the road has ended up being, the one and only, Kim Kardashian. Yes you heard that right!

Although the week has been plagued by rumors about the other women in her family, Kim Kardashian has wanted to regain some of the outbreaks by being the first to confirm she is expecting a child. The third, to be exact. And he has done it through Keeping Up With The Kardashians, which now launches its 14th season with much on the horizon to tackle.

“What happens whenever I say ‘Guess what?'” Kim Kardashian asks Khloé via video call in one of the scenes of the new season. His sister responds back: “That person is pregnant?”. “Let’s have a baby!” Kim finally confirms.

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What Kim Kardashian does official in that sequence is the third son Kanye West and she are waiting for through a surrogate gestation. Already last April, celebrity said in its program to be appreciating the option to do so: “I believe that surrogate gestation is the only option I have.”

In the advancement of Kim’s new season on her Instagram this Thursday, which also appears is Kris Jenner talking about Blac Chyna’s estrangement order against Rob Kardashian and the ex-wife’s fight for custody of the daughter who both share: “What will the custody order have to do with [their cost of support]?” Controversies related to that confrontation and the already three babies that could be on the way add up to a few months in which there will be KarJenner clan for a while.

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