Hrithik Roshan-Kangana controversy: Farhan Akhtar speaks up

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‘Twitterati also came out in support of : what a interview !! @iHrithik love care respect or apne dil se aapke sath hun TRUTH STAND WITH HRITHIK.’ ‘Hrithik face was so sad when he talked about her mails. He is no doubt harassed by her He is innocent for sure.’ were some of the tweets doing the rounds.

Hrithik talked about everything last night – right from Krrish 3 shoot to not being in Paris to redirecting her mails to spam to never having a one on one meeting with her. He also confessed that his biggest mistake was trying to protect himself.

Here’s an excerpt from the statement: Pause here and ask yourself: If the woman was to receive these sort of emails from a man and she claimed harassment. What would your immediate reaction be? Would you have given the man the benefit of doubt by believing him if he said they were in a relationship and that she had hacked into his account and sent herself the emails?  Chances are you wouldn’t’

By now, everyone has heard of the ongoing war of words between Bollywood stars Hrithik Roshan and . Through the months, the two have thrown allegations at each other thus creating an ugly situation. The episode had died down, until it gained fresh new light recently. The controversy took a turn for the worse when leaked email exchanges dragged other celebrities into the controversy. In reaction to the incident, Hrithik Roshan finally broke his silence and released an official statement.

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Additionally, he announced of first interview on Television where he would reveal his side of the story. Post his interview, Bollywood celeb has come out in the support of the actor by reasoning with what has happened. He took to social media to give a detailed account of the entire controversy. Also Read: Hrithik Roshan speaks up on Kangana Ranaut: From getting explicit emails to getting stalked, Hrithik breaks his silence



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