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How to take care of your skin on a daily basis?

How to take care of your skin on a daily basis
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A moisturized skin, radiant, soft and full of life is our most precious asset to look really beautiful and feel much younger, no matter how old we have. However, getting the skin look spectacular is something that is, to a certain extent, in our hands and giving you the care you need every day, it is possible to achieve it without even realizing it. Yes, constancy and perseverance are key. Read this article carefully and discover what are the essential tips to take care of your skin in the day to day.


>> Not all skins are the same, as we can distinguish between normal, dry, mixed or oily and sensitive skins and taking this into account is essential to give each of them the care they need. Especially, you should choose the cleansing and moisturizing lotions most suitable for your skin type. Here’s a little guide you can rely on:

Dry skin: anti-aging cleansing milks and / or cleansing oils that preserve the natural moisture of facial skin, mild alcohol-free tonics and moisturizing creams enriched with ingredients such as urea, ceramides, gluoglycerol or lactic acid.
Mixed or oily skin: water-based gels, astringent tonics and oil-free moisturizers.
Sensitive skins: cleansing milk without rinsing, thermal water and hypoallergenic moisturizers with decongestant, soothing and regenerating effect.

>>Once you have the right products for your skin type, you should use them every day and properly. One of the key steps to take care of the skin and keep it always flawless is to clean it every day twice, both in the morning and at night. This is the only way to leave it free of all those residues that are accumulating in it throughout the day and excess fat. Take a few minutes to wipe your face with a gel suitable for your skin type and you will ensure that your face is always fresh and radiant. It is important that you remove the skin every night before going to sleep, otherwise it will not promote cellular regeneration of the skin and, consequently, more impurities and signs of aging will appear.

>>Facial cleansing should be completed with the application of a facial tonic. This product is essential to close the pores and eliminate permanently those residues and remains of makeup that did not come to be removed with the previous step. You only have to moisten a cotton disc with the tonic and smooth it all over the areas of the face, avoiding the eye contour.

>>Another most important measures to keep the skin in perfect condition is daily hydration. As we pointed out in the first step, it will be imperative that you get that cream that suits your skin needs and that you apply it twice a day when your skin is perfectly clean. The secret of a radiant skin is not in the use of expensive creams, but in the constancy and daily application of them. There are natural products that are also very effective in nourishing the skin from the deeper layers, and even on many occasions offer better results than commercial lotions. Good honey, yogurt, aloe vera, coconut milk, cucumber, carrot, among others are a good alliance. In the article How to moisturize the skin in a natural way you can see what is the best way to use them.

>>The external hydration will not do anything but we combine it with an excellent internal hydration, because it is in the skin where it looks perfectly as we are inside. So do not forget something as simple as drinking plenty of water, striving to reach 1.5 or 2 liters per day. This will benefit your entire body and will help keep you free of toxins and harmful substances that also affect the health of the skin.

>>Something that helps to have a much softer and more supple skin is undoubtedly the exfoliation. Once or twice a week it is advisable to exfoliate both face and body with a specific lotion for each of them and thus leave them completely free of dead cells. Remember that you must apply the exfoliating product on the wet skin so as not to damage its structure or cause irritation.

>>The sun is one of the external agents that most ages the skin and can make it appear older through a deeply damaged dermis. It is essential that whatever the season of the year, protect your skin by applying a high factor blocking cream (minimum of 30).

>>Also pay attention to delicate areas such as lips or eye contour. The skin of these areas is thinner than that of other parts of the face, so you should give them special care. The most recommended is the use of lip balms moisturizing throughout the year and a specific cream for the eye contour that keeps it moisturized and prevents the premature appearance of wrinkles.

>>We can not end the article on how to take care of the skin day by day without talking about food. A healthy and balanced diet is most important for the dermis to have an incredible, young and beautiful appearance, as this will not be possible without all the essential vitamins and minerals. Especially, a good diet for the skin should contain many fruits and vegetables, healthy fats and antioxidants. We advise you to check the article What are the best foods for the skin and, if not already done, start eating them regularly.

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