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How to get long thick hair naturally at home

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There are ways and treatments for hair to grow quickly. But, in practice, these can become complicated, more so, if what is sought is a natural procedure. It is not easy for women to make a drastic cut of hair, for example, have it at the waist and cut it to shoulder height, and realize soon after, they want it again long. But how to grow hair fast, can be a less complicated task if you follow closely certain natural recipes. Here are going to present nine solutions to make at home, which will not only make hair grow, but also do abundantly.

Massage with scalp oil
This formula requires a partner, a friend, to massage our scalp. This has become one of the methods that most help the hair to grow quickly. All you have to do is get a good quality hair oil and apply it, the massage will make the hair develop long, soft and thicker than usual.

Trim your hair regularly
How to make hair grow fast It is not very logical to say that in order to get the hair to grow it has to be cut, but it has some justification when it is clarified that what should be cut are the tips, the reason is that there is no way for hair to have the open ends, can grow. To open the ends of the hair, is a consequence of frequent smoothing and drying of this. For how to grow hair fast, it is necessary to cut the tips frequently, so that growth can be favorable.

Avoid using the dryer
It is understood that this is not easy for any woman. The custom says that after smoothing the hair, you have to use the hair dryer, however, this advice seeks to decrease the use of this device as much as possible. When you stop using it while the hair is in the process of growth, the positive effects such as having fewer open tips and notice a much healthier hair will be evident. People who have limited hair, much or little, have seen how hair improves their condition.

Hair conditioners
If the hair and scalp are healthy, it will surely grow abundant and with more life. This is achieved by performing a good conditioner treatment, at least once a week, on the task of how to grow hair fast. In fact many people have agreed to say that after doing a procedure with conditioner, the hair feels more silky. With this series of practical tips, it will not be so complicated or traumatic to see hair grow, all because its development will be more accelerated. If you have short hair and are carried out these suggestions, going back to have it long will be a matter of a short patient waiting time. As a curious fact, did you know that redheads have less hair than other women?

Use egg white
Some skeptics of the unorthodox treatments, consider that this formula does not benefit hair growth. However, egg whites are high in vitamins that undoubtedly serve this purpose. What should be done is to break some eggs, to remove the yolks, to mix very well the whites and to apply them on the hair. It seems a lie, but immediately, the hair begins to feel stronger and therefore healthier. The reason is that the egg is rich in proteins and as you know, these are part of the essential foods that the human body needs.

Potato water
If the hair becomes brittle as a result of dryness, the reason may be the lack of vitamins in the body. One of the most important for hair and its growth, is precisely vitamin B, so you must keep the body at higher levels of this, to achieve the goal of long and abundant hair for how to grow hair fast.

Eating with lots of protein
Not many people do not know that nutrition greatly influences the ability and speed of hair to grow. If you want to know how to grow fast hair, you have to start with a good diet, with special emphasis on proteins, to notice that the most important changes of your body occur in your hair. Proteins are found mainly in fish, different meats and eggs.

Hair Brushing
Although you have to brush your hair, not to look like crazy, this should not be done excessively. The most convenient thing is to do brushing once or twice during the morning and again once or twice at night. This routine will produce the stimulation of the hair follicles and the permanent growth of hair. Other home remedies to prevent hair loss, can help in the process.

Drinking water
It is well said that water works for everything, the scalp is no exception, therefore, how to grow hair fast, it will be simpler and definitely natural if you consume good amounts of water every day.

What this guide is about, is to consent much more hair, take care of it with a healthy diet and not allow bad habits to deteriorate or not allow it to grow properly, hair is fundamental in the personality of people, the task is to take care of it.


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