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Five exercises with kettlebell to burn fat

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Five exercises with kettebell that will help you reach the summer with a lower percentage of fat. You sign up? Well take note of this routine.

Kettlebells or Russian Weights go back hundreds of years. When they began to be used in Eastern European countries, discovering its multiple benefits for training. In its beginnings, fairs and circuses were the setting for its use as a demonstration show of strength.

Its repercussion was such that it ended up being standardized as sport the “kettlebell lifting” in 1985. Its appearance was a real challenge for the simultaneous training of the cardiovascular and muscular system. In recent years, the use of kettlebell has become popular around the world.

Exercises with kettlebell

Why with this material?

  • Because they allow dynamic, rather than static, movements.
  • Most of them are ballistic in nature. Movements that can be accelerated throughout the range of movement or ROM. They develop the predominant power and recruitment of fast fibers, intermuscular coordination and elasticity.
  • Its dynamics of movement is exceptional as the weight of Kettlebells varies constantly, making it not only work one muscle group at a time, but several muscle chains with a single exercise.


  • Increased coordination, explosiveness, strength and endurance
  • Cardiovascular component
  • Improvements in flexibility and range of motion
  • Reinforcement of ligaments and tendons

Exercises with Kettlebell or Russian Weights are the most complete there are. Whether you want to develop strength in general or create a workout for the upper muscles, there are many routines with this device that will help you achieve it.

Many people are unaware that this type of weight is also ideal for creating calories-burning routines: up to 400 per 20 minutes of training, according to research and recent studies. The best mode of exercise to burn fat and increase total energy expenditure, without sacrificing muscle mass.

It is a combination of high and low intensity exercises called interval training. Although there are innumerable workouts with Kettlebell or Russian Weights, you also know these exercises to harden glutes to which you can add this material.

We propose you some great tips to tone the whole body

#1 Swing

It is an exercise that must be carried out with momentum. To do this, grasp the weight with both hands and swing it back between the legs, they must be slightly separated and flexed. Push with the hip forward and lift the weight up to eye level. Let it fall and repeat the exercise.

#2 Windmill

For this activity, take the weight and stretch the arm. Keep the Kettlebell locked with the stretched arm, bringing the buttocks in the direction in which you have the weight. Place your feet outward at a 45-degree angle of the arm that holds the weight. Now lower the weight until the free hand touches the floor. Pause for a few seconds and return to home position.

#3 Lunge

This exercise is strides. So it alternates with each leg the weight. Hold the weight close to the body to achieve an isometric exercise of shoulders, biceps and even legs. Remember to keep the Kettlebell stuck to your chest to keep your balance.

#4 Snatch

After taking impulse by passing the weight between the legs with one hand. Straighten straight away as you pull the Kettlebell and lift it over your head. To end the movement, the arm should be fully extended upwards, holding the weight.

Now that we are already experts in Kettlebell or Russian Pesos and what they serve: let’s practice. Burn fat with a professional Kettlebell that you can find in brands like Evergy. It contributes a very elegant characteristics, effective by its form, color and dimension.


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