Body language in man: Is he interested in you?

Body language in man
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These signs of interest tell you if he really stands on you. Basically, the more signs of interest you find in the man, the better. A single interest indicator does not have to mean anything, but if these signs accumulate, you can be sure: This man is crushed in you. Find out in the next minutes. Have fun while reading.

Body language in man: Where does he place his hands?

Look closely where he places his hands. It is quite possible that he has it on his hip, his belt or his trousers. The pants can be a sign of excitement. If his hands are more in the height of his basin, this is connected with pure biology. If he supports them on his basin, he tries to make an impression.

: He bends to you

He leans to you during your conversation? Then you have a sure sign that he likes you. This makes him even more physically closer and can better listen to you. If he bends to you, you can be sure that he wants you to be as close as possible to him.ellst, the better. A single interest indicator does not have to mean anything, but if these signs accumulate, you can be sure: This man is crushed in you. Find out in the next 5 minutes. Have fun while reading.

Body language in man interpret: He runs through his hair

Does the man face you extremely often through his hair and smiles at the same time? Goal! His body language reveals that you made him nervous. You seem to like him! In addition, you can now be sure that he can keep peace in relatively stressful situations, so you do not have to be afraid of a chronic fingernail chewing. Prof. Samy Molcho speaks in a lecture on the body language during the flirtation and explains that the gesture of “to get through the hair-brushing” is to mediate: “I am worth being stroked”.

Body language in man interpret: He turns to you

Observe the position of his body. Is he turning to you or turning his body away from you? If his arms are crossed and he tends his body in a different direction, he seems to be less interested. However, if he turns to you with his whole body, and his arms have a fairly open attitude, you can assume that he is fully focused on you and is interested in your conversations.

5 Body language in man: Eye contact

He looks at you long and intensely in your eyes and during your conversation rarely turns his eyes away from you? He shows real interest in you! Eye contact during a conversation shows surprisingly well whether the conversation partner is interested. If he looks to other people all the time, or looks more frequently at his smartphone, it may be better to end the conversation and look for someone else to flirt.

Body language in man: He touches you

This, of course, does not mean any suggestive touch. Does he like to put his arm around you? Or do you ever briefly touch your arm or hand? Does he even take your hair out of your face? Then you can assume that he will find you attractive and seek physical closeness to you.

Body language in man: He hugs you

He embraces you especially firmly and conspicuously for a greeting. And otherwise he does not leave a suitable situation on this evening to embrace you. Perhaps he even caresses the back of the embrace? Prima, he is looking for physical contact with you.

Body language in man: He respects your well-being

Your Traummann keeps your door open at the restaurant? He holds the umbrella over you so you do not get wet and lend your jacket so you do not freeze? You feel like he’s a real gentleman? Then he definitely has an eye on you and likes you very much. Your well-being is dear to him.

Body language in man: He moistened his lips

While you talk to each other, he often licks his lips. Some people tend to get a dry mouth when nervous. Before he can tell you anything exciting, he has to moisten his lips.

Body language in man: He turns with hip to you

If a man finds a woman attractive, the biological instincts seem to go through. He turns to you with his hip and positions himself slightly wider. Is he talking to another person, but his upper body and his hip are still facing you? Then he is interested in your conversation and does not want to turn away from you, even if it seems verbal perhaps.

Body language in man: He’s close to you

You both are sitting on the same sofa, leaving only a small space between you? He stands not only beside you, but places himself conspicuously close to you? He wants to make contact with you and feels very comfortable in your area.

Body language in man: Wild gesticulation

Did he gesticulate like wild with his hands during your conversation? That’s a good sign! The more interest men point to, the more they put their hands. If he sits opposite you quite calmly and does not move a single body part, he feels at that moment rather little passion.

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Body language in man interpret: He respects your reaction

You have the feeling that, after every joke or story he has told you, he looks briefly at you? Top! This shows that he respects your reactions and wants to know what you think of his narrative. Your opinion is important to him.

Body language in man interpret: His hands are near you

We come to his hands again. You sit at a table and you notice that he has placed his hands near you. Or he leans with one hand to the chair on which you sit. These are also signs that he likes you. He is looking for physical contact with you, but does not dare to touch you directly.

15 Body language in man: He smoothes his clothes

Whenever you enter the room and look to him, you notice that he quickly cuts the clothes or runs through the hair again. Do not worry, that does not mean he’ll have to go back to the barber soon, or he will not have been able to iron his shirt. Rather, you may be happy, he tries to make himself inconspicuously pretty, to look good for you and to impress you.


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