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6 Weird Photography Tips And Tricks That Actually Works

photography tips and tricks
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The physics of has changed with time. Earlier photography was limited to light, angle, and frame, but now people have developed different which ends up giving a gorgeous final image. But what are those tricks? If the same question pops into your mind, then here we mention some of the weird, yet working photography tips to take your photography to the next level.

1 Custom Graduated Neutral Density Filter

A graduated neutral density filter is used to decrease the number of colours, lights or wavelength. These filters are majorly used in landscape or natural light photography where there is abundant of light or colours. There is a possibility that the photographer may forget to carry these filters. In that case, they can use their camera strap which can act as their GND filter. All they need to do is put a small part for the strap in the top or wherever there is excess light, and it will act as a GND filter.

2 Use a Plastic bag for a Foggy Image

One of the best effects a picture can have is the haze effect. Though the photographers have to struggle a lot to get this effect. However, you can easily get this effect with the mere plastic bag. All you need to do is cut the bottom of the bag and wrap the bag around the lens. Afterwards, you need to pull the bottom of the bag, and you are good to go. You can now try to click a picture, and you will notice a nice looking hazy effect without much efforts.

3 Click Famous Spots without Tourists

Imagine you are visiting a picture perfect spot and is excited to shoot it on your camera. But, as soon as you reach the spot, all the excitement turns into frustration when you witness the number of tourists. All these tourists can ruin the beauty of the location. However, with this cool trick, you can practically remove every tourist from the picture. All you need to do is place your camera on a tripod and click around fifteen images in the gap of ten seconds per picture. Now open the Photoshop Elements on your computer and Navigate to Enhance>Photomerge>Scene Cleaner and upload the images. The software automatically merges all the pictures and eliminates the tourists from the image.

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4 Removing Lens for Perfect Macro Shots

Another great trick is removing your lens and turning it around for macro photographs. You need either the 50mm fixed focal length lens or just the basic 18-55mm lens. All you need to do is turn around your lens and place it a few inches gap from the sensor.  The only drawback to this trick is that you need to manually adjust the focus as your lens will be detached from your camera.

5 Give Shape to the Bokeh Effect

Everyone loves to have bokeh effect in their images. This simple photography trick will add shaped bokeh to your photo. To make this trick work, you need a black paper of the same size as the lens a cut the shape in the middle of the size of a thumbnail. Make sure to use a lens with a larger aperture which significantly affects the bokeh.

6 Refraction

With this simple trick, you can turn anything upside down in the image. You need to put a transparent water glass in front of the camera in such a way that it covers the portion which you want to display upside down. Now put your subject in the frame and click a shot, the objects coming behind the glass will be upside down.

All of these amazing photography tips and tricks will make your pictures more alluring and flabbergasting. One of the best things about these photography tips is that they are all pocket-friendly and don’t require much investment.

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