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6 postures and strength exercises to increase your energy

6 postures and strength exercises to increase your energy
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The body adapts the breathing so that we overcome the situations of stress or any difficulty. It changes the position we hold in unexpected moments so that we can think or concentrate, endure an endless meeting or sleep. It is what we call the position of force.

When, for example, we get uneasy at a work meeting, we may cross our arms in a certain way, or hold our thumbs with our other fingers or bite our lip.

We need a change in the disposition that will combat the indisposition that we feel, that helps us to face with words or actions the immediate reality. This new disposition is in a position of strength that has two great qualities: it allows a breath adaptable to any circumstance and causes gravity to act on our body generously.

In a comfortable and pleasant way, the position of force allows the breathing to change without collapsing when we want to start it, and that it can move freely in the breathing space so that we can take any action.

6 postures and strength exercises

There are numerous positions of force, but we can divide them into two types: spontaneous or learned. Of the second we speak in the exercises that we propose next. Among the first, the easiest to find is the one we perform when we go to sleep.

#1 Align your organs with harmony

  • Standing, lower the center of gravity of your hip by slightly bending your knees and visualizing a path that connects you to the center of the earth.
  • Take a step to the side and center the weight feeling that it is distributed between the two feet. When you inhale, bring your hands and forearms in front of your body, as if you were gathering energy, up to the chest.
  • Turn your hands until the palms face skyward, thumbs out, and extend your arms. Try not to head forward or trunk back (you can support your back on the wall so you do not lose the alignment).
  • Breathe three times in this position.
  • He descends with his arms crossed and palms out.
  • In this position, which is called “hold up the sky”, breathe three times.
  • Repeat the exercise three times, adding three breaths each time: the first one will make three breaths; the second, six; and the third, nine.
  • Once the position is settled, breathe 3 minutes a day in it feeling heaven and earth.

#2 Get more emotional strength

  • Place a cushion or two under the buttocks and sit with your legs bent so that they fall to both sides of the cushion.
  • From the feet the bones feel ischia of the pelvis, perceiving how they form a base triangle. And on the ischions it aligns well the back, the trunk, the shoulders, the ears and the crown.
  • Place the palms of the hands in the lap, looking at the sky, with one index finger on the other and then the palm of one hand on the other, and let the tips of the thumbs touch.
  • The eyes are resting eyelids looking down to about 30 °.
  • He hears the breath, without manipulating it, feeling how it comes and goes. You can perform the exercise sitting on a chair.

#3 Breathe more widely

  • Sitting on a chair, listen to the breath, as it occurs.
  • With the legs apart, lift one of them and hold it with the hands below the knee, crisscrossing the fingers.
  • Turn your shoulder blades forward, up and back, and from there open them to the sides.
  • Feel how the chest opens and how the trunk and head tilt back slightly at an angle of about 90 ° with the thigh of the leg you are holding with your hands.
  • Listen to your breath and watch as a space opens that was not there before.
    Repeat the exercise, known as “the balance”, with the other leg.

#4 Feel the gravity and calm down

  • If you are stressed, on a mat or bed and with arms and legs open, see lifting parts of the body and then drop them as if they were lead. It is the “star” position, it disconnects you when experiencing gravity in the body.
  • Start with your left foot, lift it five times about 2 cm off the ground and let it fall. Then do it with your right foot. Continue with your legs, hands, shoulders and arms (left or left always first). And ends with the head.
  • Finish with 5 breaths and visualizing the welcome of the earth.

#5 Open your back and relax

  • On his knees, sitting on his calves, he leaves the trunk resting on his thighs and his head on his arms. At first it leaves the legs touching by the feet and separated by the knees.
  • He hears the air for seven breaths and perceives that it finds an opening space in the lower abdomen.
  • Close your knees and listen for seven breaths. You will feel the air opening your back.
  • Look at the parts of the back that are opening. This opening is born from a center that extends almost all the back and runs.
  • Try to perceive the minimum movement that occurs because of breathing, and thus you will get it to open more parts of the back and body. The attention is a great help to open more and more the body.

#6 Think without anything disturbing you

  • Lie on your side like a ball, arms around your legs. You can do it on a mat or bed: the important thing is that you are comfortable. Imagine that you have concentrated on an inner point of light.
  • Listen to the breath. After five breaths, turn off your hands and imagine that the upper arm and leg are attached as if they were the cover of a book.
  • It opens up and to the side both at the same time when inhaling and returns to the ball when exhaling. Feel how the point of light opens and expands when you open and how it concentrates and retreats on exhaling. Do it five times on each side.
  • Then he takes a comfortable position on the floor and breathes five more times.

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