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30 things to see and do in Prague

Prague Travel Guide
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What is Prague? The capital of the Czech Republic. True. A city of Eastern Europe. True. But it is not only that: it does not matter if they call it the Golden City, the City of the Hundred Towers or the City of Kafka … what strikes the most when arriving at Prague is its golden, as if it were located halfway between the real world and the dream world.

We have visited it several times and we always go with the desire to return, and is that he falls in love with first, second and third sight! We ask you to please: visit if you have the occasion! For now we leave you with these 30 ideas of things to see and do in Prague:

#1 Visit St. Vitus Cathedral, one of the most famous symbols of Prague: it is the largest Gothic church in the country. It will leave you breathless.

#2 If you want to climb the many steps of the bell tower you will be rewarded with sublime views (I assure you that the effort is worth it!)

prague 1 300x200 - 30 things to see and do in Prague
#3 Do not miss the Castle of Prague, the largest in the world, which preserves much of the city’s wonders within its walls, such as the old royal palace, the gold alley, the convent and the Basilica of St. George , the gunpowder tower, the white tower, the black tower and much more. A curiosity could be to attend the change of guard at 12 o’clock.

If you want to know toooda the stories and curiosities of Prague Castle and Mala Strana (New Town), we recommend you to join a tour of the city (this is very complete and with good reviews). It lasts 3 hours and costs only € 15. It deserves !!

#4 Learn a few words in Czech: good morning you say “dobry den”, thank you “dekuji vam”, how much “Kolik to stojí” costs and most importantly … beer “pivo”!

#5 Cross the famous San Carlo bridge that links Staré město (Old Town) with Malá Strana (small town) and admire its statues (and do not miss the street performers!).

#6 If you like to read, go for some of these books that maybe you can take along in your backpack:

“The Adventures of the Good Soldier Svejk”, by Jaroslav Hasek
“All the beauty of the world”, by Jaroslav Seifert
“The Unbearable Lightness of Being”, by Kundera
“Tales from Malá Strana”, by Jan Neruda
“Magic Prague” by Ripellino
“The Golem” by Meynrink
“The spirit of Prague” by Ivan Klima,
…and as…. something of Kafka!
#7 Sit in a corner of the square of the old city: there, under the gaze of the city council you will see everything!

#8 Look at the City Hall Tower: it has the most beautiful astronomical clock in the world.

#9 One of the most impressive visits is the church of Our Lady of Tyn: with its infinite spiers does not leave anyone indifferent.

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#10 If you want to buy souvenirs, the best place to do it is the shops on Havelska Street: much cheaper than others.

#11 The most famous symbol of modern Prague is surely the “dancing house” of the architect Frank Gehry … receives opinions of all kinds: there are those who love it and who hates it. To us it seems very beautiful!

#12 It is obligatory to discover the Jewish quarter of Josefov full of history, with its 6 synagogues (Klausen, Alta, Española, Pinkas, Maisel, and Old-New), the monastery of Santa Ines and the Jewish cemetery. Definitely the most impressive visit of Prague.

#13 Visit the most famous tower of the city: the Gunpowder Tower, so named because in its past was used as its store. You can climb up to have a nice view, if paying!

#14 If you want to spend an original night and get to know Czech culture better, you can take part in a dinner with a show. It costs € 46 and includes aperitif (traditional honey liqueur), 4 different dishes, typical dance / cante show, transfer from / to hotel and free bar of beer, wine and drinks. An experience … to remember 🙂

#15 Get lost in the narrow streets of Staré město or get on a tram without knowing the destination … getting lost there is the best way to discover charming and isolated places of other tourists!

#16 Try the trdelnik, some good sweet rolls of bread!

#17 Relax in the Vrtba Gardens, super beautiful and surrounded by green. If you do a sunny day you can take advantage of it and improvise a picnic.

#18 Visit the John Lennon Wall in the Priory Square.

#19 Walk through the colorful Gold Alley inside the castle: it is said that the street owes its name to the goldsmiths who worked there, although apparently the houses of the archers who defended the castle. Today it is full of souvenir shops and puppets. But there is a surprise: at number 22 you will find the house where Franz Kafka was staying for a while. But was it his birthplace? Well there are different theories about it (Thanks Renara for the contribution).

Do not fall asleep You still have to read 10 other things to see and do in Prague!

#20 Visit Wenceslas Square, now full of hotels, shops and tourists, but in 1989 the Velvet Revolution and the consequent fall of communism began.

#21 Take a cruise on the Vltava River, super romantic and one of the cheapest in Europe … do not say na and I’ll tell you! Here you can find from the cheapest (only € 11) to a romantic dinner cruise!

Prague Czech Republic 300x200 - 30 things to see and do in Prague

#22 Attending a show at the Prague opera is not as expensive as you can imagine: there are days when tickets are sold for € 5.

#23 Try the most famous Czech dish: vepřo-knedlo-zelo, roast pork with pasta and cabbage.

#24 If you want to discover something more about the history of the city and the Czech Republic do not miss the National Museum (the building itself is worth the visit!).

#25 Walk along Kampa Island, the most lively park in the city.

#26 Visit the Strahov Monastery with its immense library.

#27 Climb up Mount Petrin to enjoy unforgettable views of Prague.


#28 If you are a fan of the Baroque do not miss the church of San Nicolas de Malá Strana.

#29 A curious activity is to see some black theater play: these are shows where the stage is totally black as well as the clothes of the actors. The grace is that they only make you see what they want: so they use phosphorite lights and artistic lighting to capture the attention of the viewer. It is not super cheap, but sometimes there are deals, here you can find tickets for less than € 30. It’s a unique show to the world: it’s worth it!

#30 If you are passionate brewer Prague is your city: you will find good and cheap beer. An essential visit could be the U-Fleku, the oldest brewery in the city … here the best beer is the black!

Bonus track: If you have time you can consider a visit to other important places in Czech Republic. This is the case of the beautiful town of Kutna Hora or the Terezín concentration camp, a place where you can learn more about the terrible history of the Holocaust.

Have you visited the capital of the Czech Republic? Do you know other things to see and do in Prague? Comment below…

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