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10 things you did not know about sex, but you should!

10 things you did not know about sex, but you should!
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Sex moves a lot of the gears that make the world work and whatever you say, unconsciously or consciously, sex is present in every day of your life, that of your friends, that of your parents and the world.

This is why there are innumerable studies and research on sex. Today we have these interesting facts about sexuality, let’s take a look at these 10 things that you did not know about sex (but you should):

#0 Sexuality books.
The most popular sex books on the Internet by ELLOS are: Master your Orgasm and How to get back with Her?

The book most searched for by ELLAS is Aphrodite in the Bed.

#1 How long does the sexual act last?
In general, sexual intercourse lasts about 15 minutes, from 10 to 12 the previous game and from 3 to 5 the sexual act, with those who say that good sex lasts 7 minutes. So much effort for so little? Mmm … I have my doubts and sure that many are not trying hard enough.

#2 There are also animals that have sex only for pleasure.
Humans are not the only ones who have sex for pleasure. Dolphins and bonobos, a very peculiar type of chimpanzee, practice sexual relations of all kinds and outside the normal reproductive cycle.

#3 Men and premature ejaculation.
Viagra has made impotence, which suffers one in ten men, a common phrase. However, premature ejaculation, which affects one in four, has no drug in that regard. Thinking about the Teletubbies in full act is proven to help.

#4 Heat and orgasm.
Orgasms are more intense in warmer conditions. The degree of vasocongestion, as well as the blushing and darkening of the skin known as sexual blushing, are more common in warm temperatures and indicate how intense an orgasm can be.

#5 Orgasmic spasm and the chances of pregnancy.

If a woman experiences an orgasm during intercourse, she is more likely to become pregnant, as the orgasmic spasm in the pelvic muscles helps move the sperm through the vaginal canal into the uterus.

#6 Homosexual animals.
Homosexuality is not unique to human beings. Many species have been observed having homosexual sexual activities. Male bats are the ones that have the highest average homosexuality of all mammals, along with other animals like penguins and chimpanzees.

#7 Humans do everything, all the time.
Every day more than 400 million people around the world have sex, that’s something like 1 in 19 a day. Millions of people are doing it right now and you here, reading quietly.

#8 “Not tonight, not my head hurts” Solution:
Sex cures the headache. The endorphins that are released into our bloodstream when we have sex, not only give us pleasure, but also act as a tranquilizer. When your partner tells you “my head hurts,” you know what to do.

#9 Sex in the third age.
Many elders can have sex frequently. At age 70, 73% of men remain powerful and 30% of women age 80 or older can still have sex. So the geriatric can be much more interesting than you imagine (or what you do not want to imagine)

10. Chocolate Vs. Sex.
Surveys indicate that 70 percent of women do not eat chocolate more than sex. Seriously, be a little more my friend.

Well, and these are just 10 curiosities on this topic of the many there are. Many things in the world revolve around sex and we love each and every one of its expressions. That is why it is a subject in which research never ceases, nor cease.


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