WordPress Themes -10 Things No One Knows About CSS

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or as it is popularly known as CSS is a style sheet language that defines how HTML parts are shown on the screen. Moreover, it has an ability to control the design of different web pages simultaneously. For some people, CSS is a complex language to understand whereas, for others, it is just a piece of cake. Still many of them don’t know some specific feature about this language. In this article, we will tell you some of the things about CSS which are unaware to many.

1 Ability to Use Oblique Texts

The majority of people don’t know that apart from bold and italic, they can use oblique texts as well. Oblique texts are similar looking with italic but are not completely tilt as the italics which provides a unique look to the text.

2 The Colour Property

Almost every developer uses the color property the most. Majorly the developers only use this property for the text, leaving the other factors. In the CSS, you can use the color property for her element, alt text, borders, bullets and many more things.

3 word-wrap = overflow-wrap

The word-wrap is used to wrap up the text in one single container. In the latest version of CSS, the word-wrap has been replaced by the overflow-wrap which includes the same properties, functions, and values. But you can still use word-wrap as all the browsers still support it.

4 Allows to use Slide Up and Slide Down Effect

CSS allows many effects and animations, and one of them slides up and slide down without the need for JavaScript. All you need to do is add max-height in the coding, and you can add this effect to CSS.

5 Creating CSS Circles

We all know that creating triangles in CSS is not a mighty task, but little did we know that creating perfect circles is also possible in this code style. You need to modify the border-radius to create circles seamlessly.

6 Empty Cells Property

By adding empty-cells to the HTML tables, you can hide the cells which don’t include any content. You don’t have to worry about its support for different browsers as it is compatible with all the major web browsers.

7 Supports Feature

For every developer, checking the browser compatibility for the features included in the codes is a must. The CSS includes a flabbergasting functionality which can test the features, and that is @supports.

8 Less Usage of Border Image

The border-image feature allows you to add a border image to the page. But this is one of those features of CSS which is used by the least number of people. Some may believe that it that border doesn’t seem that impressive to other users.

9 Using Keyword Values in Border Width

Most of the people use length values while choosing the border width. Rather than using the standard values like 1px or 5px, you can enter thin, medium and thick keywords which will work the same.

10 Text Decoration

One great thing about the new CSS is that the text-decoration property can be used as a shorthand. Rather than using the longhand method, you can use the three properties; text-decoration-color, text-decoration-style, and text-decoration-line.

This was all about the few lesser known things about the CSS. There is a possibility that you already knew some of this features or things, but this article is helpful for those who are new to CSS and want to expand their knowledge. The properties mentioned in this article or the new additions to the latest version of CSS will surely help developers in improving their skills as well as efficiency.

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