Why is social media marketing important for a business?

Social media has redesigned corporate communications in the past few years. Primarily at present, every company should engage in social media activities to resurface the threshold of marketing with more significant and competitive parameters. In the world, there are 2.23 billion Facebook users and in India itself, there are 241 million active users of Facebook which is growing every day. This means there is a huge target audience of every taste for all kinds of creators.

Why should an organization look forward to doing social media marketing? Alternatively, mostly, how should they direct and control the social media posts?


It is imperative for all the companies to understand why social media marketing is important. Promotion leads to popularity and good promotion leads to trust building. Which means that if your posts have an impact on the audience that you want to target, you are going to win them as customers.

Unlike before when social media was a medium only to connect with others you know, or you would want to know, nowadays we also use social media channels like search engines. And, like all the other search engines, it offers us a vast amount of contrasting varieties in high-quality and regularly updated content on all topics. Talking about search engines, YouTube is one of the biggest examples of social media cum search engine. Youtube used to be a platform where you can share videos and talk about it – a kind of social media. But now, it is already the second largest search engine in the world.

Companies should focus on investing their money to reach out and talk to these people. Now that posing and targeting on social media is not a new topic anymore, the learning curve now bends to posting at the right place at the right time. Where to post how to get the highest attention? Alternatively, when is the time to generate the right amount of traffic to your post?

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What are the goals a company can achieve through effective social media marketing? In this article, we will discuss all the relevant topics on social media. Following this, there are few more article discussions about the five most significant social media channels – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Instagram and show 15 compelling reasons for social media activities in each section.

Why social media marketing?

On the basis of their products, services and target audience, companies need to decide which social media are worthwhile for their actions. Whether it is a finance company, a tech company in the B2B sector or an online fashion shop wanting to appeal to their target group, certain criteria must be followed Social media activities that are relevant and effective for the target group can achieve many goals that would otherwise take up a lot of time and resources.

1. Reach out to customers, both existing and potential
Millions of users are already signed in to social media, and every day new users are adding up opening new horizons. Along with users, new social media social media channels are also adding on which play a significant role because each of them addresses a different target group. This makes social media one of the best places to look for new customers and connect with them. Also, social media can be used to get to know existing customers better and to present them with more exciting content and offers. 

2. Build relationships
The relationship is the key to any successful business. The success of any business is measured by how companies treat their customers and how loyal their customers are. Companies should always try to build positive relationships with their followers. There should be new posts at regular intervals updating the interest of the followers and help them with what interesting you have got. However, the companies should be careful with the frequency of the post as well. Too many updates could merely be regarded as spam. On social media, direct advertising for products and services should be avoided as much as possible, because they can destroy the positive image of the company. The agenda should always stress building a relationship, rather than directly selling something.

3. Raise attention
An opportunity which allows you to share your content and get the audience attention is valuable. Social media is an excellent channel for companies to reinforce their brand image and show the content to users. Sharing mature content on social media makes companies credible and appear as an expert in its industry. Furthermore, it catches the attention and becomes more accessible for potential customers to find what they want.

4. Increase Brand Loyalty
Brands can interact and communicate directly with potential and existing customers through social media. Social media can be used by customers to ask questions about the company by asking for their feedback. The feedback will help a company to share helpful information with customers. So, if the social media users get what they are looking for, they will keep on coming for what they want. It will help to increase brand loyalty.

5. Get Brand-Awareness
Big brands do not have to introduce themselves to users; smaller companies are different. Social media users can slowly get to know the company’s products, services, and topics. They can also see what the company stands for, get to know the people in the background of the company, and slowly gain confidence in the brand. Hence, it is important to create brand-awareness campaigns at regular intervals. 

6. Increase inbound traffic
Every social media account created for the company represents a new way to find it on the website or online store. Moreover, every time the company’s content is shared on social media, it creates the opportunity for a new visitor to find the website. That’s why companies should try to share as much quality content on social media as possible. Without social media, people will find the website for the company that they already know about or search for keywords for the company which is right at the top of the search results. Landing pages are particularly suitable as a destination for social media users because they can be tailored to the content of the posts. However, since the inception of social media, there is always an opportunity to share what you want the world to know about your products and services and help relevant mass direct to your websites.

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7. Achieve more sales through offers
Offers and discounts appeal to everyone, and social media is one of the best ways to inform potential customers about the proposal. The social media channels can also send a specific discount code to followers that generate more sales and helps to improve the company’s online image. This is one of the most excellent ways to drive traffic to your website.

8. Share information
How long does it take for news to reach the target audience via radio or TV? But as compared to television and radio, online news reaches a large group of people within much lesser time. The reason is that the millennials are mostly switching to smartphones, tablets and other handheld devices that support internet functionalities. It helps them watch what they want at any time rather than sitting next to the tv and waiting to watch what is being telecasted by the operators. Relevant information about the company or products should also be shared on social media and users can see information that the company considers important. In addition, companies can reach a larger group of people via social media in a more cost-effective way.

9. Surveys and Feedback
Social media provides customers with an easy way to leave feedback and share their opinion about the company and its products. It is very important for businesses to follow these discussions. This gives companies ideas for evolving their services, and more than 90% of consumers trust peer recommendations more than any other marketing measure. Social media also provides an opportunity to conduct surveys that can help companies answer questions about their actions. 

10. Follow the competition
Companies can use monitoring tools to follow their image and their activities online and in social media, but also those of the competition. This can help companies to plan their marketing strategy and avoid mistakes that can damage the brand. A smart businessman once said, “he’s a wise one who learns from his mistakes, but he’s wiser if he learns from someone else’s mistakes.”

11. Promote Blog
When companies run a blog on their website, social media is one of the most accessible places to promote the new content. When a written content is shared through social media and linked back to the website, users can find it on the website, which also encourages sales and helps other online marketing measures such as SEO. When users find the content interesting, they can share it through social media, further increasing brand awareness and image. 

12. Get to know the customer or target group better
It is via social media channels; companies can quickly and easily gather much information about their customers and target groups. They can see what they are interested in and how they behave. All this information can help to target the content better and to create more content for the target audience. Do videos, white papers or infographics reach the highest level of engagement among this target group? The individual conversions can be monitored and measured to find the perfect mix for all audiences ultimately. 

13. Enhance customer experience
Social media is mostly used on a smartphone worldwide. The features of social media have also been enhanced (like subscription keys and bell icons in YouTube) to provide a better user experience. Sending e-mails should be an integral omnichannel to share expertise with the users throughout the social media. With every interaction with users through social media, companies publicly demonstrate how excellent customer service looks to them. This can convince potential customers of the services and bind existing customers to the brand. 

14. Manage online reputation
Companies can also use social media to monitor what users generally feel and write about them or their products. Many people use social media to show what they are currently doing and how they think. Therefore, it may be that there are negative comments about the products and services on social media without the knowledge of the companies. When comments on the company and its products are observed, companies can respond directly and professionally to them which will resolve any conflict or any future challenge.

15. Improve search engine ranking
Doing a remarkable Search Engine Optimization — SEO can drive traffic from search engines to the website or online store. But the SEO requirements and matrices keep on changing constantly. It is no longer enough to update the keywords, or to optimize the meta-description and to post high-quality content regularly in the blog. Social media activities can be used to determine the ranking in the search engines because they show that the brand is trustworthy and credible. 

How to improve social media communication 
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This is a very elaborate article so you can continue reading further on how to strategize the use of different social media channels to drive traffic to your website and increase popularity and sales.

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