Tyrus Wong: One of the Greatest Artist, the world will ever see

Google pays respect to the great Tyrus Wong by dedicating a doodle marking his 108th birthday. Tyrus Wong was a Chinese born American artist who was also an expert in designing kites and ceramics. Tyrus Wong himself has made some of the best images in the American pop culture. Bambi, one of the most famous animated character and movies by Disney in 1942, and Wong was the lead production illustrator for it. Filmmaker Pamela Tom made an award-winning documentary film on Tyrus Wong in 2015.

Who is Tyrus Wong?

Born as Wong Gen Yeo on October 25, 1910, in Taishan county of Guangdong province in China Tyrus Wong immigrated to the United States of America in 1920 along with his father. After sometimes, they stayed in Sacramento, the capital of California and then they relocated to Los Angeles, California.

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In the Los Angeles Central Library, he got acquainted with the work of the Artists from the Chinese Song Dynasty. The paintings profoundly inspired Tyrus Wong and we can see the glimpse of it in every illustration he has done so far. Recognizing his artistic abilities, the teachers at Otis art institute awarded him with the summer scholarship and later on a full-time scholarship. He graduated from the school in 1930 and began his career with Hollywood.

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In 1932, Tyrus Wong’s paintings were exhibited alongside the artworks of Picasso, Matisse, and Paul Klee. Walt Disney Studios hired Wong for painting illustration for them. Those paintings were later on photographed and turned into animated films. He went on to paint and draw storyboards for Warner Brothers for 26 years until his retirement in 1968. San Diego Asian Film Festival awarded a Lifetime Achievement award for his contribution to the Hollywood industry for quite a long time.


He was married to Ruth Ng Kim on June 27, 1937, in Bakersfield, California. They had three beautiful children – Kay, Tai-Ling, and Kim. Tyrus Wong died on December 30, 2016, at the age of 106.

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We wish the great artist Tyrus Wong — a very Happy Birthday!

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