The secret of pacifying meditation: According to Mahatma Gandhi

We all remember the last words left to the world by the Father of Nation, Mahatma Gandhi, “Hey Ram”. These words in itself hold the secret to a pacifying meditation.

The Little Book of a Solitary Brother Pacific tells us:

“Devote every day a part of your time to inner recollection, to spiritual prayer, to peace meditation, so you will learn to listen to your silence, your music, your inner God, in this way you will increase your spiritual vigor. spirit and you will go carelessly through the world, irradiating it with all naturalness “.

The secret of pacifying meditation resides in that sentence of the old Chinese sage Lao Tzu, who in chapter 47 of the Tao-Teh-King says:

“It lives in the center of your being because the more you move away from it, the less you will learn.”

In chapter 5.4 of No-violence and School we read:

“In the Gandhian ashrams the children participated with the elders in silence and meditation, and the Mahatma, as a simple method of pacifying meditation, learned and applied by him from his childhood, advised everyone the Ramanama, consisting of non-meditation discursive based on the silent repetition of the name of God (Rama). “

Let’s see how Mahatma Gandhi himself describes this form of mantra-yoga in some of his articles.

In an article of December 5, 1936, after confessing that yogic practices are strange to him. Mahatma Gandhi tells us:

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“The practice I do is a practice I learned in my childhood thanks to my nanny, I was afraid of ghosts and she used to tell me: ‘Ghosts do not exist but if you are afraid to repeat the Ramanama (the name of God)’. What I learned in my childhood became immense in my mental firmament, it is a sun that illuminated my darkest hours. The Christian has to find the same consolation by repeating the name of Jesus and the Muslim saying the name of Allah. they have the same implications and produce identical results in similar circumstances, only to repeat those names must be part of our being and not become a mere verbal expression.

In a previous writing by Mahatma Gandhi, of August 17, 1934, in the same newspaper it was already written:

“The Ramanama has become second nature to me as my knowledge increased and the years passed, I dare to say that the Word is in my heart – even if it is not in my lips – for twenty-four hours a day She has been my savior and I continue to support her. “

In 1947, on June 29, Mahatma Gandhi writes:

“A friend versed in religious knowledge, who read my observations about Ramanama some time ago, wrote that the Ramanama is such an alchemy that it can transform the body.” The conservation of vital energy has been compared to an accumulated wealth, but only it falls within the power of Ramanama to make of that a current stream of an ever-increasing spiritual force that finally makes the fall impossible.

“In the same way that the body cannot exist without blood, the soul needs the incomparable and pure strength of faith, that force can reconstitute the weakening of the physical organs of man.” That is why it is said that when the Ramanama is enthroned in the heart, the rebirth of man is sure, this law applies equally to the young, the old, the man and the woman. “

And it makes two very important precisions for our critical western mentality. In the first place and before the duplicity of the meaning of the name Rama, it proceeds to a disambiguation:

“My Rama, the Rama of our prayers, is not the historical Rama, the son of Dasharatha, the king of Ayodhya, but he is the eternal one, the unborn, the one without the second, only He adored. and so you must do it, he belongs equally to all “(Harijan, April 28, 1946).

And in second place on October 13 of the same year Mahatma Gandhi clarifies:

“There is no relationship between the Ramanama that I conceive and the ‘Jantar Mantar’ (magical mantra). What I have said is that taking the Ramanama out of the heart means getting the help of an incomparable power … That power is capable of To take away all pain, however, it must be admitted that it is easy to say that Ramanama has to come from the heart but that in reality it is very difficult to achieve it, but it is the greatest thing that man possesses. “


To the question of whether the Ramanama can be recited in the heart while talking, a mental work is done or when one is worried, he responds:


“Experience shows that it can be recited at any time, even during sleep, provided that the Ramanama is enthroned in the heart.” If having made the name itself has become a habit, reciting it with the heart becomes as natural as the pulse of the blood, otherwise the Ramanama is a merely mechanical act or, at best, something that touches the heart only on the surface. When the Ramanama establishes his dominion in the heart, the problem of the oral recitation, since then the words are transcended, but it can be affirmed that the people who have attained this state are a minority, there is no doubt that the Ramanama contains all the power attributed to it. Ramanama in his heart with only desire requires patience and tireless effort … The Ramanama must not cease, whatever the demands of work or adverse circumstances “Harijan, 17 of 2 of 1946).


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