Reality Check: Tanushree Dutta SHOCKING reaction to Twinkle Khanna’s support

After accusing , Tanushree Dutta also accused in a scandalous allegation. The actress claimed that the filmmaker asked the actress to strip on the sets of Chocolate. However, Irrfan Khan and Suniel Shetty intervened and stopped it from happening. Considering the way the events are unfolding, it seems like India has finally taken its first step towards a powerful movement.

“Thank you, ma’am, for supporting me but your husband is about to or is even shooting the film with Nana Patekar. What about that?” she reacted while talking to “That is the question I am asking and how much of that support is genuine because if it doesn’t result in any kind of disciplinary action. They have not apologized to me and they are already spinning lies so when you go ahead and work with them they have the sense of victory,” she added.

The actress applauded Tanushree’s brave move and said, “This brave woman helps pave the way towards that very goal for all of us!” While many people liked the tweet, Tanushree wasn’t convinced with the support. The actress called out the star and questioned her as to why Twinkle’s husband, Akshay Kumar, is still working with the accused.

The Tanushree Dutta and Nana Patekar sexual harassment controversy has finally put Bollywood in the spot. After a prolonged silence on the matter, celebrities are finally addressing the issue and reacting to the actress’ shocking claims. Right from Priyanka Chopra to Farhan Akhtar, almost everyone is speaking about it now. One among those is Twinkle Khanna. The actress took to Twitter to retweet the eyewitness account of events that took place between Tanushree and Nana, adding that the Tanushree’s claims are true. Also Read Tanushree-Nana sexual harassment controversy: Twinkle Khanna stands with Tanushree Dutta, called aashiq banaya girl a strong women

Please read this thread before judging or shaming a working environment without harassment and intimidation is a fundamental right and by speaking up this brave woman helps pave the way towards that very goal for all of us! — Twinkle Khanna (@mrsfunnybones) September 28, 2018.

Some other tweets supporting Tanushree Dutta’s Acquisition:

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