Shahrukh Khan: Birthday Bash, Know The On-Screen and Off-Screen History

Shahrukh Khan aka “SRK” aka “King Khan” aka “Badshah” aka “King of Bollywood”; Wow, Shahrukh Khan has been titled with so many names that it has become household now. Fans have named themselves and their kids after him. They have imagined the stretched hands pose of Shahrukh Khan for hours to impress their crush. They have mugged up dialogues so that it can be used as text messages and poetries to send a friend, a partner or someone who just want to have romantic thoughts.

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Shahrukh Khan redefined what villainy looks like if the villain is not the great “Mogambo,” the dangerous “Shakaal” or the cruel “Kaatya” and just an antagonist who can be a regular guy. By completing the mark of innumerable weeks of Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge, he elucidated how “romantic” love should look and feel in SRK style. Shahrukh Khan also took us to a laugh trip while pursuing his lady love and made life simple. He has also shown us how one just needs to contribute whatever they can, unitedly for the development of “Swades” (one’s own nation). And, he has also let us feel how broken “Devadas” was when he lost his true love which couldn’t have been possible for us to feel if it had always remained in the books.

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The somersaults, the sliding from stairs, the bike zig-zagging, lips and eyes trembling, frowns and smiles, singing and dancing on the carrier of a truck or car with a different level of energy. Well, he brought in a few things along with him to Bollywood; The most special one of them was “SRK’s way of acting.”

Happy Birthday Shah Rukh Khan, Shah Rukh Khan Birthday

Shahrukh Khan brought the era of the humongous body to an end, and “Dard-e-disco” started the six pack lean or athletic physique trend among men. He is full of energy, and we can see that every now and then in his interviews, especially in the stadium while cheering up his IPL team. He is a husband, a father, an actor, a performer, a manager, a marketer, an entrepreneur, a philanthropist, a media personality, a representor and a people’s person. And, our “Man Next Door” is turning 53 today on 2nd November 2018. We can just imagine how his yesteryears went by and he doesn’t even look a day older than what he was in “Baazigar.”

Shahrukh Khan was born on 2 November 1965 in Delhi, India. He grew up in the neighborhood of Rajendra Nagar, and studied in St. Columba’s School in central Delhi. Shahrukh Khan excelled in his studies and games. Hockey and football were among his favorite sports and he brought many Laurette to his school. He won the school’s highest award “the sword of honour” and aspired to pursue his career in sports, but a shoulder injury stopped him; Well, destiny has some other plans.

He used to act in the stage and imitate his favorite personalities. He gradually completed his studies and finished the master’s degree in Mass Communication from Jamia Milia Islamia Delhi while still getting mentored by theatre director Barry John. He also attended the National School of Drama in Delhi.

Happy Birthday Shah Rukh Khan, SRK, Shah Rukh Khan

In 1991, he married Gauri Chibber and they both have three children namely Aryan, Suhana and Abram.

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Shahrukh Khan is a living legend. He has won many hearts worldwide through his acting. Women wish to have a partner like Shahrukh Khan and men wish to be like him. His story is a roller coaster ride of emotions and events. From the loss of his parents to him breaking down emotionally and ending up building a career in the industry he wanted to be away from. He is not only the King of Bollywood, but the king of hearts and he’ll continue to be wooing hearts with his charm.

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Let’s wish the life of many colours Shah Rukh Khan a very Happy Birthday! May he always stay happy and keep on entertaining us with his various personalities.

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