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At MWB, for us, you are part of the team. Forget the cliché that companies in the digital world come up with. It is not enough to be present online, instead it is necessary to delight your audience! This is because the world today is constantly boiling and just popping up is no longer enough to become a reference. And that’s why we take up the digital strategy of your business on your behalf!

Our approach is to inspire your audience and connect your brand to real people by consistent and strategic marketing solutions. Analyzing your scenario, mapping your challenges, charting a solid action plan, and analyzing your accomplishments one by one is what we aim for. As we believe, It’s no longer just about digital marketing, it’s about planning, analyzing, and inspiring.

And what solutions do we use?

Have you ever searched something important on Google and gone upto the second page to find your answer? No? That’s why SEO is so important to your brand!

What is SEO?
The term “SEO” is an abbreviation of Search Engine Optimization, or Site Optimization for Search Engines. It is a set of techniques carried out by qualified professionals to improve the positioning of your website in web search engines such as Google!

And how to appear on Google?
In search results, Google displays sites that, according to a set of standards defined by it, are considered relevant to a searched keyword. Thinking about it, the SEO projects here in MWB have two distinct phases: SEO On Page and Off Page.

In SEO On Page, we will investigate every detail of your site, mapping technical issues that may be preventing your domain from performing well on search engines. Already in the Off Page step, our job will be to gain relevance and authority for your web site. As? Creating backlinks on relevant sites, always with strategic content and quality.

What is MWB methodology?
The factors that make a website more or less relevant to Google are countless! Here we conduct thorough keyword searches that best meet your business needs, analyze your competitors and market carefully, and then, based on that, apply good optimization practices to the pages and contents of your site: and fix technical problems, link building, fix problems on page …

But do not worry about the technical terms! We are an SEO agency with the experience necessary to take care of all this for you, with more analysts than prepared and instigated to take your site to the top!

Social networks have long established themselves as a critical element for any marketing strategy. This is because, when used tactically, they can be the main channel of connection and relationship with your audience – but it is important to emphasize the word “tactics”.

Why is Social Networking Important?
Here in MWB, the main challenge we face is the creation of digital references. In this sense, social networks play a fundamental role in the projects we execute: that of impacting the right people with the right content at the right time. In addition, social networks are critical elements for promoting engagement, relationship and branding – essential factors for any brand you want to become a reference.

And how does MWB work with Social Network Marketing?
To effectively market social media marketing, our management is complete: we define the most appropriate social networks to achieve the project objectives, prepare customized and strategic plans, curate the content, monitor competitors, actions and themes of interest to the project, we take care of the ad strategy, anyway. With us, communication in your company’s social networks will be in good hands!

Why do I need an agency?
When we talk about social networking strategies for companies, we must keep in mind that we are dealing with a complete marketing strand, not a simple tool for your business. To deliver truly positive results, social networks need to be used with expertise – tactical planning, constant monitoring, data analysis, A / B testing. The potential of social media marketing is immeasurable, as long as we are talking about who understands the subject.

Around here, what we repeat most is that in today’s world, content is king! Without further ado, content production is the fuel of any of your digital marketing strategies. That is why we have become a content production agency based on the quality and value of what we deliver. That’s because our purpose is to use our strategies to delight and inspire your audience.

No matter the industry in which you operate: getting the attention of your target audience in the right way is essential. And attract and retain their consumers without needing the invasive techniques of marketing of the past, nor speak. Do you know the most solid, economical and reliable way to achieve all this? Investing in quality content.

What is Content Marketing?
Content Marketing is a way to relate to your target audience, enchanting and engaging your consumers with relevant content that is truly valuable to them. Because?

Quality content creates engagement, trust, and relevance to your brand. But more than anything else, quality content makes your brand remember – and in the right way! The truth is that it’s through the content you make that most of your audience interacts with your brand: valuable, quality content convinces, humanizes, converts, and approaches your target audience.

What is the advantage?
First, if your company delivers quality content, it becomes a benchmark in the subject, which exponentially increases a prospect’s chances of remembering your brand when you want to close a deal.

In addition, Content Marketing can unravel and assist the most pain and objection of your target audience, allowing your consumers to be prepared throughout their buying journey, increasing the likelihood of a closing. Not to mention that this will make your sales people have much more ownership, resources and content to base their sales. As we said: content is king!

We go far beyond making you gain visibility: we care about how you will be seen. Whether it’s in the layout of a website or e-mkt, in banners, folders, design of logos or creation of visual identity, to develop unique projects that can unite usability, design, and optimize the conversion opportunities of visitors is our specialty.

How does MWB work with website development?
Here, we only work with complete solutions – and with website development is no different. Our team specializes in creating bespoke website that prioritize modern and intuitive layouts for navigation, focusing on the visitor experience and converting them into leads. MWB sites also have a simple content management system that makes maintenance much easier.

Why invest in creating an Inbound focused website?
An attractive website with modern design is what everyone wants when thinking about creating websites. But the truth is that few people worry about the main purpose of the business at the time of the creation of the site – and that is exactly why website design for Inbound Marketing is more effective.

To stimulate a goal such as conversion, you need to unite knowledge about behavior, usability and programming. That is why we create websites that aim to guide, encourage, motivate and even re-educate the user through persuasion, in order to outline the paths necessary for the conversion we want.

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