Another Reason To Love Animals: October 4, The World Animal Day

People who are very fond of animals, look forward to October 4 each year after it has been declared as World Animal Day. Although you shouldn’t be waiting for any particular day to express love to the lives who can’t speak yet are human’s best friends, but October 4 is a day when the world unites to dedicate itself in the service of animals.

What is World Animal Day?

World animal day is a movement for a social cause dedicated to the animal’s welfare around the globe. It spreads the message to raise the status of animals in accordance to upgrade the standards and parameters of the animals` well-being.

Many non-profit organizations, animal welfare establishments and clubs, social groups, community groups and clubs, youth and children’s clubs, sports clubs, companies, business ventures, and individuals organize events to promote the celebration of World Animal Day in a large scale. This has drawn quite an attention from the media since the last few years which help spread the message more. The criteria of educating the people with the escalating awareness are going to drive an emotional force globally. This will eventually make the world a better place for animals to live.

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History of World Animal Day

Henrich Zimmerman organized the first World Animal Day on 24 March 1925 with over five thousand people. The venue was the Sports Palace in Berlin, the capital of Germany. Although the date was scheduled for 4 October to situate it with the feast of Saint Francis of Assisi, patron saint of ecology. Nevertheless, due to the lack of the availability of the venue, the date was shifted.

Zimmerman celebrated 4th of October, 1929 as the World Animal Day. Initially, he was able to found this only in Germany, Switzerland, Czechoslovakia, and Austria. With time, Zimmerman’s work for the recognition and promotion of World Animal Day grew tirelessly.

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In May 1931, the International Animal Protection Congress in the city of Florence, Italy the proposal was accepted unanimously. They declared 4 October to be recognized as The World Animal day and to be endorsed as an aspiration resolutely.

The animal protection movement is led and sponsored by the UK-based animal welfare charitable institution Naturewatch Foundation since 2003.

Why celebrate World Animal Day?

When the first human lived and moved on the earth, they found out that animals are their best friends. They reared cattle, tamed dogs and both benefitted each other happily. Gradually with time, the perspective changed and thus animals were not treated the same way as it used to be.

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We have seen that social movements have much momentum which attracts a large number of people and help spread any cause or message. The animals worldwide are affected by our action, but as a sentient being, we need to co-exist. It is therefore essential to provide the lawful status to the animals and make social justice for their protection.

A celebration of World Animal Day has united the nations across borders. Social media has flooded with images that show no individual play but an increasing number of the team working towards the animal welfare movement. You can visit the website and use the logo as your profile picture, status, banner, prints of clothes and wherever you think it can spread the message effectively.

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