7 Steps to Learning to Value and Love Yourself

“Enjoying good self-esteem means being happy with yourself and believing that you deserve to enjoy the good things that life offers you like any other” – Jerry Minchinton

The following 7 steps will help you really value yourself and love yourself to improve your self-esteem. This way you will begin to stop suffering all that pain of having a low self-esteem and feeling less than others.

If you read carefully and apply these simple steps, you will begin to feel that you love and value yourself more, in just a few days.

1. Value Your Own Ideas.

Learn to say what you really think. Unless your life is in danger, your opinion is as valid as anyones. Just be careful not to be inconsiderate or rude to others. And remember that although your ideas are different or contrary, that does not take away the right to make them known.

Do not give anyone the reason to please him. Betraying your ideas and missing your truth will not bring you friendships that are really worthwhile.

2. Value Your Right Decisions.

Think of the large number of correct decisions you have made throughout your life. Do not let yourself be overwhelmed by your mistakes. Congratulate yourself on all your successes and achievements. The simple fact of staying alive one more day means that you have made many more decisions with good judgment, than the mistakes you have made.

Also, remember that mistakes are essential for learning. Give yourself the opportunity to make mistakes from time to time, because thanks to your mistakes, you have achieved many successes.

You make many more good decisions than bad ones, and every mistake is an opportunity to learn.

3. Focus On Your Positive Qualities.

That which you focus your attention on tends to get bigger. So if you look at your qualities and your successes, you will see how they multiply. Get used to direct your attention towards the most positive aspects of your life. That way they will grow bigger, and you will become stronger.

The more you think about something, the more important it charges. Think of your qualities and successes.

4. Think You Are As Valuable As Others.

Maybe they taught you that there were people who because of their knowledge, titles, social position, economic or some other distinction, you should consider superior to you, and worthy of special attention and esteem.

It is true that these people may be different from you because of their circumstances. But that does NOT mean in any way that they are better than you. Never feel less valuable than someone else. Think that everyone else is worth as much as you are.

The merits and qualities of others do not make them more valuable or more worthy of respect than you.

5. Seek Your Own Approval.

If someone lets you know that they do not like you, you do not have to think it’s your fault. You do not have to change your way of being to gain the appreciation of the people. Understand that it is not possible or necessary to please everyone.

Do not give others the opportunity to influence your feelings towards yourself. To feel good, the approval of other people is NOT necessary. If you think it is very important that others have a good opinion of you, you are seeking approval in the wrong place. Convince yourself that the only approval you must achieve is your own.

You do not need to change for people to appreciate you. You will find the approval you really need inside you, not in others.

6. Do not compare yourself with anyone.

Comparisons will only lead you to feel unhappy or to create in you a false sense of superiority. Like any other human being on the planet, You Are Unique. You have your own strengths and weaknesses, as well as your talents and individual skills. All your genes, your education, and your experiences, have combined to be a different person to all the others.

You are a unique being, and therefore, it does not make sense that you compare yourself with any other.

7. Convince yourself that you are worth a lot.

The mere fact of having come to the world gives you the highest degree of human value. Do not fall into the error of believing that your value as a person depends on how skillful, intelligent or rich you are. These characteristics can influence your level of life, but they have nothing to do with your importance or your value as a person.

You are valuable for the simple fact of existing.

These steps can help anyone to value themselves and learn to love themselves. But to give you results, you have to put them into practice from TODAY.

I recommend you take note of these steps and have them on hand every day. Keep them present and think about how you will apply them to each day of your life. This is not something that will take much time, but the reward of feeling loved and valued is worth the effort.

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