Mark Zuckerberg Admitted: Facebook hacker stole login information for 50 million accounts

The most popular social network in the world, Facebook, revealed through a statement that it was attacked by some hackers who affected at least 50 million users, of which it is possible that these hackers could have entered to steal private information.

Through a statement, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg said his engineers found the “security problem” last Tuesday, but it was executed on the last Thursday of this week, for improved navigation.

“The company is dealing with the matter in an extremely serious way, although the investigation is in its initial phase,” it was read in the statement for Facebook users. According to Zuckerberg, hackers exploited a “vulnerability”, which has the public way to view profile information for other people.

“The company has fallen on the stock market more than 3% since the announcement of hackers”

To solve the problem that attempted against Facebook users, the businessman, Mark Zuckerberg restarted around 90 million users, who had to leave their account to re-enter their passwords.

In addition, Facebook has 40 million accounts still in quarantine. “We have also decided to take another preventive step and reset the access tokens for another 40 million accounts that have been the subject of a ‘See as’ search in the last year,” explained Guy Rosen, vice president of Product Management at the company.

In the statement, it was indicated that the company is still not clear who is behind the attacks of hackers and that the problem has already been notified to the judicial authorities. After this problem, their shares decreased by around 3% on the stock market.

Here’s the Twitter update.

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