Discover the 7 trends of social networks for 2018 and get ready

Social networks are in a constant revolution. Discover now the 7 trends for 2018 and how to prepare to receive them. We can not deny that social networks dominate the market and are one of the main ways to generate profits. These channels are in constant mutation and that is why those who work in the area need to be always prepared.

The media and technological revolutions happen at all times. So, how should you position your brand on social networks?

New challenges are presented each year and how each brand deals with these small revolutions directly affect your success. To make good planning and achieve your goals in social networks, it is necessary to understand the present and future scenario.

Discover right now the main trends of social networks for 2018 and prepare your strategy for next year!

What shaped 2017

The year 2017 was very important for digital marketing, especially when we talk about social media. We saw the great boom of audiovisual content, which has dominated the publications in the giants Facebook and Instagram, without counting the growth of YouTube.

The organic reach has been increasingly harmed by the updates of the algorithms, which has awakened the need for innovations and investments projected in ads, in a constant struggle of the brands to reach the followers.

In addition, we were able to observe the transformations and novelties that have made possible new uses and, consequently, required adaptations.

2018 promises to be even more challenging for companies, which will have to be ready to keep their followers engaged and ensure that social networks are constant generators of business opportunities.

Main challenges for this 2018

1. An even greater decline in the organic scope
If you have noticed that your reach is decreasing, get ready: that is the trend for all social networks.

There are two main reasons for that to happen.

First: the platforms need to monetize and, for that, they create ways for you to invest in them. The organic reach is reduced, and ads become the option to get more commitment. Separate a specific budget for paid ads, since this trend only tends to grow.

The other reason is that networks prioritize the user experience. That means that many times your publication will not reach the consumer because it is not as relevant to him as a family member’s, for example. The algorithms recognize it and choose the content they consider most important for their users.

Discover ways to be at the forefront of these codes, delivering differentiated and relevant content, will continue to be one of the biggest challenges for brands.

2. New ways to make videos
As you will still see in this article, audiovisual content promises to gain even more strength this year. Even today it is almost impossible to enter your Facebook, for example, and not find different videos.

The challenge that arises is related to the saturation of that strategy.

Although the videos continue to grow, it will be necessary to deliver differentiated content and formats to attract the attention of users in the midst of so much information. Therefore, do not stop creating productions out of the ordinary.

3. Change in the forms of consumption
Not only new features emerge. Platforms and means of consuming content take more strength each day.

If before people accessed the Internet through computers, today online traffic comes from mobile devices. And not only that has changed!

The relationship between users and brands tends more and more to horizontality, that is, a dialogue between equals. Therefore, finding ways to include users in the production of content is one of the great challenges.

To get ahead, you have to understand the demands and modes of the relationship of your audience and adapt, in that sense, your content production.

The 7 biggest trends in social networks for this 2018

1. Growth of communities
In 2017 it was possible to notice the growth and strengthening of communities in social networks. That is a trend that gains even more encouragement in 2018.

Groups on social networks such as LinkedIn and Facebook are tools that are increasingly used by companies as a way to involve their followers and strengthen the relationship.

When they are well managed and relevant to users, these groups can help the algorithm of company profiles. We can already see in them a great opportunity to start to dribble the decline of organic reach.

But it is not only in groups that it is possible to build a community on social networks. Brands have groups that are always present in their profiles – those people who always comment, react and share their publications.

How companies can manage their community to obtain better results remains a challenge.

What many brands need to pay attention to is that there are several ways to manage their followers and transform them into fans of the brand, which contributes to the growth of the network and the success of the business.

2. User-generated content
As we already mentioned, we are in a reality with extremely active and empowered consumers. The followers of brands do not only want to be represented by what they see in social networks: they want to be characters in that construction.

One option to adapt to that reality is to invest in content generated by the user. A good example of that is the Buffer, a social media management tools company, which has an Instagram profile 100% built by user messages.

A strategy is not a trend by chance. This can bring valuable benefits to any brand.

An example is the optimization of the management of social networks. If your Instagram profile is totally built by your fan community, your social media specialists will not have great efforts with the production of content and, therefore, can focus on results and other strategies.

Also, if a content focused on the consumer generates commitment, imagine a content produced by them. Explore that potential.

3. Opportunities with ephemeral content
In recent years we have seen the growth of ephemeral content on social networks. But what exactly is the ephemeral content?

They are passing moments! Stories, for example, is only 24 hours in the air. If the user loses it, he probably will never be able to recover it.

This type of content brings great opportunities for companies because it creates a sense of urgency in the user. The strategy is called fear of missing out, – which is the literal translation means fear of losing -, which makes people not want to lose that moment in any way.

Such characteristics bring the opportunity to involve even more users, who only have that specific moment to experience and share the content.

Authenticity is another value that these contents can convey. Because they are often made quickly, they show the reality of the company and strengthen the bond between the brand and the public.

Apart, is a possibility to encourage mobile consumption among your users, one of the biggest trends for the future. We’ll see this better in the next topic.

4. The mobile rules
That many people have a smartphone you already know! But do you have an idea of what that means?

trends for social networks
Until next year, more than 2,400 million people will be active users of mobile. That represents a relevant niche for the market and the trend, as you have seen, is that this number grows every year.

Some companies already invest in getting traffic via mobile. However, the demand for these adaptable content does not affect what is currently produced, mainly in social networks.

Understanding consumer habits are essential for the success of your strategy, which will always aim to optimize your user’s experience with your product or service.

Next year comes as an ultimatum for brands that have not yet invested in the adaptability of their content: they must start now or be left behind.

5. Focus on generation Z
Young people of generation Z – born between 1993 and 2012 – take over social networks. If before that was not a concern for your company, reappear it! These people accumulate more and more capital and have great participation in the consumer market.

And social networks directly affect the consumption habits of that generation: 80% of their purchases are influenced by what they see on the platforms.

Added to that, much of the connections of these people are also present in social media, which facilitates the dissemination of information about the products and services of brands.

These young people offer great opportunities, once they believe in a company they become defenders of the brand. But attention! The opposite also happens, and when they are disappointed with a product, service or customer service, they can become the nightmare of any business.

Therefore, knowing how to work with that part of society, growing and more powerful, is a fundamental factor for the success or failure of a brand.

6. The chatbots revolution
Companies are progressively investing in chatbots: until next year, 20% of the content generated in the business market will be produced by machines.

These tools are increasingly smart and ready to serve consumers in any situation. These offer the possibility of fast and humanized attention, optimizing the work of professionals in the area.

With automation in contact with users, it is easier to redirect and give due treatment to each case.

The acceptance of people with these tools may surprise you! A survey conducted by Retale among Millennials – people born between 1980 and 1995 – have shown great interest and willingness to interact with chatbots. The majority is willing to try this new strategy.

Consumers will have answers more quickly and companies will be able to optimize the time allocated to care.

7. Even more powerful audiovisual content
It is practically impossible to enter any social network and not find dozens of contents in video format. This is already a trend for some time, but this 2018 is really the year that this strategy will dominate social networks.

In just four years, 80% of all Internet traffic will be generated by videos, according to Cisco. If that is not enough to start investing in that kind of content, we let you know that on Facebook, half a million people consume videos every day.

We all watch videos during the day, and those data only prove it. As we said before, this great exposure of audiovisual content can generate saturation in users. However, this challenge can become a good opportunity for marketing professionals.

The brands that manage to think outside the box and make different from all the others, will surely come to the front in that dispute for the attention of the consumer.

If you got here, you know what to do to get even better results next year!

Working with social networks is always complex because of the innumerable changes that occur and the risks we need to take. But knowing how to invest in them correctly will surely guarantee your results.

So, are you encouraged for the arrival of 2018 and its social networking trends? Do you feel ready for them? Tell us in the comments! I hope the article has helped you, see you next time!

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