A Complete Guide to B2B Lead Generation

 that does digital marketing and is still unable to implement quality B2B lead generation is very similar to a car without a motor: no matter what type of fuel you put, you will not advance even a single meter. Contrary to what many business managers think, generating qualified leads is not easy.

For those looking for a B2B digital strategy, this is even more difficult if you do not have an Inbound Marketing methodology that better integrates all the marketing and sales actions.

How to start?

The best strategies to direct qualified leads to your website started in the opposite place to what many believe. You do not necessarily have to attract, but rather focus on the contacts most likely to become a sales opportunity.

With a well-planned strategy for a B2B lead generation, you can avoid non-reliable contacts that do not work. However, in the beginning, you must also understand that a wide range of content can produce some leads that are worthwhile. The problem, perhaps, is that they will be accompanied by a ton of junk leads.

The results will always be ineffective if your  B2B lead generation campaign is not being measured with a marketing automation tool that is capable of separating, that ton of “junk” from highly qualified leads.

Try to collect some important information like:

# Who are our customers?

# What are your common interests?

# Are you most of the time online or disconnected?

# What contents are the ones that interest you?

If this information is available, then you can define more rational and feasible objectives, aiming directly to transform those good leads into prospects, so that the sales department can continue to work with them with real opportunities to close deals.

Once you have defined your objectives it is time to go hunting. Here are some basic tips to B2B lead generation in your digital strategy.

1 Make them look for you

Marketing has traditionally been associated with “outbound” tactics like television commercials, radio and newspaper advertisements, internet advertising banners, email mailing and many, many telephone calls. This generates a very wide network that normally connects hundreds of thousands or even millions of people.

The problem is that the vast majority of connected people will never do business with you, because they are not your target audience, because they do not need your product or service and because they never asked you to look for them.

Companies spend a huge amount of money to obtain highly inefficient results. It’s not that traditional marketing does not work. It does, but in an invasive and ineffective way for many companies. What is no longer disputed is that Inbound Marketing is highly effective and less expensive for B2B companies.

2 Generate a better relationship using a CRM

Many times, B2B lead generation means tracking the most important information of some contacts.
Consumers need to feel that they are developing a relationship with you. If you are constantly asking for data that you have already requested in other opportunities, they may feel precisely the opposite.

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Investing in an adequate CRM, which is integrated into a marketing automation tool, will allow you to analyze the information much better, personalize the service and qualify them in a more intelligent way.

The CRM also helps to have a complete vision of your digital marketing strategy. After breaking down the most relevant information, an effective CRM should be used to guide marketing and sales at each step.

3 Use the Blog to solve specific problems, not to sell

The blog is the heart of an Inbound Marketing strategy. If you do not believe in the potential of a blog, you may want to know that, according to a Salesforce study, 80% of companies in the United States that close more businesses through their digital channels consider that their content is the main tool selling.

The blog of a company does not only serve to generate traffic to the website, but it also provides solutions and guarantees the credibility of your business in the industry in which it is located. A blog connects in a less invasive way, expanding your opportunity to a qualified B2B lead generation beyond the static commercial spaces of your website.

How effective is social media in a B2B lead generation?

Social networks today function as “media.” They work as a channel for brands to reach their audience, with “social” content being a fundamental part of day-to-day business operations. Social networks allow us to converse with our potential customers, as we would in a fair or networking in a seminar with other participants.

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B2B lead generation can be integrated quickly and efficiently using some digital platforms such as:

LinkedIn, the ideal network to attract B2B customers and reach suppliers. It is an online showcase that promotes the image of the brand, and for this, you must fill all the information on the page of companies reporting in detail your service or activity, without forgetting to encourage your staff to take your LinkedIn profile to strengthen the of the company.

Twitter, the favorite of influencers and journalists. Post tweets with images is a good way to have advantages before competitors, appearing at the top of Google results. You can use Twitter as the main tool for a relationship with the client and find professionals through keywords.

Facebook, the king of social networks. In this social network, you can generate a new category of potential customers and attract a qualified traffic showing the brand as an expert in the sector. You only have to answer the questions, publish tips, participate in debates or direct the audience to forms that allow you to generate new leads.

53% of companies come into contact with their provider through social networks (Buyer behavior survey 2015). LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook being the best allies in your B2B lead generation strategy, allow you to market your business and promote your brand image.

Keys to qualified B2B lead generation:

Generate new B2B qualified contacts by enhancing your presence on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the number 1 social network to attract new B2B customers and reach suppliers. Develop your professional network and your brand image through this social network.

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1 Promote your brand image using your LinkedIn page as a true online showcase

Fill in all the data of your professional profile to clearly inform about your services and your activity. Include the address of your website and integrate the links to your other social networks or to your electronic signature. Generate qualified B2B traffic to your profile by placing a “Follow us” button on your website to encourage Internet users to subscribe to your page. To create the call-to-action button, click on the following link: https://developer.linkedin.com/plugins.

Tip: You can place the button in the Footer, for example. To do this, go to Site> Properties by language> Modify. Then you will only have to copy the HTML code in the Footer Block.

2 Adapt your strategy to professional social networks

The frequency of publication varies in the different networks: publishing one post per day on LinkedIn is sufficient. Improve the impact of your B2B publications by choosing relevant information and selecting the right time to publish it. Increase the participation of your community by publishing during the day from Tuesday to Thursday, days in which the audience is most receptive. Send publications only to your subscribers by choosing the option “Target audience”. It responds better to expectations by defining several messages according to the professional audiences you have previously selected. Six criteria allow you to define them: description, size of the company, function, sector, seniority, geographical area, language preference.

3 Build your professional network instantly through “text ads” and “sponsored update”

Increase your conversion rate by 15% thanks to new LinkedIn sponsored ads. Develop a new profitable source of B2B leads directing your ad to a defined audience: activity sector, size of the company, position or function in the company, place, age, gender, etc. To do this, go to “professional solutions” and then to “create an ad.” You can promote a news item that you have already published or create a new advertisement composed of an image or a video, or a text with a link to a website.

Surprise your community with a visibility and communication strategy via Twitter

Twitter continues to be the main social network to reach precise categories of customers. Develop your network by getting in touch with influencers, early adopters, and journalists

1 Advance your competitors by appearing at the top of Google results thanks to the images of your tweets

68% of the searched expressions show the results of the universal image search. Google shows up to 12 images in its results in addition to the Google Shopping block. Drive your traffic by adding an image description of up to 420 characters when you tweet. This functionality automatically integrates an SEO tag in the images, so they will be indexed by Google.

2 Increase the satisfaction of B2B buyers using Twitter as your main tool to improve your relationship with customers

Use the “move from a public tweet to a private message” functionality. Post a tweet with a call to action that encourages the professional to continue talking through a private message. In the Settings area of your Twitter account, click on “security” and then on “privacy” and select the option “receive private messages from any user”. Enter the tweet addressed to the client a link with the following format:
https://twitter.com/messages/compose?recipient_id={ numericID of your account}. To obtain the numeric ID of your account, access “your Twitter data” in “Settings”.

3 Shoot the number of professional contacts by quickly detecting them on Twitter

Use simple tools like search.twitter.com, which allows you to search for tweets using keywords. Find out which companies use the same hashtags as yours. Find also professionals analyzing the Twitter profiles that search for keywords linked to your activity. Offer them your products and services using the microblogging.

Encourage the participation of your Facebook audience by innovating your professional page

In any marketing strategy, you cannot ignore Facebook, the number 1 social network for its size and its billions of audiences, who connect at least once a day. Improve your communication with B2B potential customers and promote your brand image in this great social network.

1 Shoot your B2B visibility

Social networks help in a new category B2B lead generation using the technique of inbound marketing. Attract qualified traffic by showing you as an expert in your sector via your Facebook page. Answer questions, post tips, participate in discussions and direct your audience to call-to-action buttons and forms that allow you to generate new leads (prospects).

2 Stand out from the crowd using the new formats

Tell your story with images and highlight your products with an effective format before the professional market. Use the free “create a slideshow” feature to post a video that highlights your products in a few clicks Take photos of your products in real situations This type of photos can be more effective than using too professional “lifeless” photos. The photos of the products should represent your brand image.

3 Encourage potential B2B buyers to discover your products or services by configuring the call to action button at the top of your Facebook page

24% of companies that own a website also have a Facebook page. It offers the possibility for professionals to contact you by configuring a call to action button on your professional page. Click on the “Add a button” button below the background photo. In a few clicks, choose the action according to the objective: “buy”, “reserve”, “call”, “watch a video”, “more information”, “contact us”, and more.

Save time for managing your online store by automating numerous tasks in your B2B social networks. Improve your productivity in the management of social networks using the tools that are available to you. Manage your average social strategy in just a few clicks using animation and analysis tools that are easy and quick to install. Discover every day which are the publications that most share your professional audience on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Do not wait any longer to generate leads!

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