Check Out Who is Elisa Leonida Zamfirescu And Why Google is Celebrating Her Birthday

Elisa Leonida Zamfirescu was one of the first women engineers who would have attained the age of 131 on Saturday, 10 November 2018. She opened the door for Romanian engineering to the world. Elisa Leonida Zamfirescu was a living example to personify the “rise against all odds” quote. Zamfirescu was born in a family of ten siblings, rejected from a school in Bucharest due to her gender, in spite of which she has been the epitome of women empowerment in the male-dominated field back in those days.

Let’s know who Elisa Leonida Zamfirescu was?

Elisa Leonida Zamfirescu was born in a Galati, Romania to Atanase Leonida and Matilda Gill on November 10, 2018. After completing her high school education, she wanted to pursue science from the School of Bridges and Roads in Bucharest, Romania but was disqualified. Nevertheless, she took admission in the Royal Technical University in Charlottenburg (Now known as Technical University of Berlin) and completed her mechanical engineering. Zamfirescu enrolled for studies in 1909 and graduated in 1912 becoming the first woman ever to be an engineer in entire Europe.

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Zamfirescu went back to Romania after completing her studies and joined the Geological Institute of Romania as an assistant and later became the head of her laboratory. While still working at the Geological Institute, she got a chance to work with Red Cross as a hospital manager due to the many volunteering services required in World War 1. Zamfirescu served in Mărășești, a small town which later became the war front of Romania and Germany in 1917. After the war, she went on to contribute her share of knowledge and research at the Geological Institute

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Zamfirescu worked until her retirement at the age of 75, in 1963. To honor Zamfirescu’s legacy, there is a street named after her in Sector 1 of Bucharest. This is also the place where she lived. To commemorate her works in the field of science and technology, there is also an award “Premiul Elisa Leonida-Zamfirescu” named after her. This award honors the woman who excels in the field of Science and Technology.

She was an engineer, a teacher, a compassionate healer, and a great personality. She left the world on 25th November 1973. Google shared a doodle to pay tribute to the great Elisa Leonida Zamfirescu on her 131st birthday.

Team MWB wishes very Happy Birthday to Elisa Leonida Zamfirescu.

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