About Us

We Build More Human Brands!

When it comes to the digital world, we are quite a new born – but all that time we’ve been working hard to develop unique and powerful digital marketing strategies. 

Do you know the secret that kept us growing all this time? We were born of a need for better agencies: more transparent, more competent, and not afraid to think outside the box. 

We were able to put ourselves in the place of our clients because we were once dissatisfied customers, and it was exactly what motivated us to be a human agency with a total focus on the success of our clients

To say that it is a digital agency focused on customer success is very simple, but to execute that concept in practice is already another story – and it is precisely here that MWB differentiates. Our goal is not only to achieve results, but results that really matter. Here, we go to great lengths to provide our clients with positive experiences from start to finish: service, strategies, value creation.

This is only possible when we really strive to get to know our customers, understand what the problems are, what the pain is, and what is success for them. That’s why we work with unique, tailor-made projects; each client has a history, a need and a goal – then, of course, each client will have a different journey to be traveled to success. It’s up to us to define the best route and guide you there!

One of the coolest things about all these years of MWB is that we’ve always had incredible (and completely different!) People composing our team. Here we exchange experiences daily – to be MWB, we must think a lot, not be afraid to speak and not to escape the obvious. New ideas, new goals, new ways of doing things. We are a team made up of people who are not afraid to be who they are, to say what they think and to feel what they feel – real humans!

We are not just a team of real people, but really well-qualified people! Our team collects certificates of the greatest references in digital marketing; this is because we are constantly searching for new ways of doing things in a different way – more efficient, more consistent, resulting in better experiences.

Amazing results can only be achieved with incredible strategies, and one thing we have already understood is that this is an extremely changeable concept. To keep up with the speed with which things reinvent themselves in digital, we must always study, perfect ourselves and learn from the best.

Our Skills
Web Design & Development 95%
Content Development 93%
SEO & SMO 97%
Content Marketing 87%
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