15+ Top Knowledge Base WordPress Theme Wiki Style

As a business owner, customer satisfaction should be one of your priorities. If you provide services or sell products, you need to make sure with your website or WordPress theme, that customers can easily get help and find the answers to their most common questions.

One of the best ways to provide answers is to establish a Frequently Asked Questions section or a knowledge base section on your website. In fact, many of the biggest entrepreneurs have a whole subdomain dedicated to their support system that helps their users find the information they need.

If the thought of creating an assistance center or a section of Answers to Frequently Asked Questions causes you the fear of having to build another website, do not fear as WordPress themes of knowledge base have you covered.

Knowledgebase topics are elaborated with specific purposes in mind:

To make it easy for anyone to create a website that serves as a wiki of all kinds.
Also, to help visitors to your website learn more about a certain product or service you offer.
They have been designed to ensure that information is easily accessible and presented in an interesting and visually appealing way that leaves your customers satisfied with the answers that need to be answered.

In this article, we share the best ThemeForest Wiki Style Knowledge Base Topics as well as tips on what makes a good knowledge base site.

15+ Top Knowledge Base WordPress Themes (Wiki)
Here is our meticulous selection of the best knowledge base WordPress themes that will help you create the traditional wiki answers Frequently Asked Questions section on your website.

1. Knowledge Base – WordPress Theme Wiki Responsive

knowledge-base-wiki-style-wordpress-theme-exampleKnowledge Base is a Wiki style WordPress theme with a clean design and many features to provide support and knowledge of the basic product for your customers. It is integrated with bbPress as well so you can create a support forum where clients can ask questions if they can not find the solution to their problem. The benefits include:

Optimized code for SEO
Real-time search based on AJAX
Three home page templates
Type of personalized post with Answers to Frequently Asked Questions
Extensive theme options
The theme also supports localization so you can easily provide support in multiple languages.

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2. Flatbase – Easy to Manage Knowledge Base WordPress Theme
Flatbase Simple Knowledge-base wiki WordPress themeFlatbase is the perfect WordPress theme if you are looking to create your all-in-one support system. The theme combines a Knowledge Base, Answers to Common Questions, integration with bbPress, and many other features. It is also responsive and optimized for SEO.

3. Base – Clean & Always Valid WordPress Theme Wiki Style
Base Clean Knowledge Base Wiki WordPress ThemeThe Base theme has many great qualifications and is a perfect choice if you have a vast collection of help articles. With answers like:

“The design is excellent and the functionality is agile, it’s definitely one of my favorite themes.”
This WordPress theme allows you to add everything without any effort to your site, customize it to combine it with your company’s brand, and impress your customers with your support or Frequently Asked Questions section.

4. iKnowledge – Cool Knowledge Based Content WordPress Theme
iKnowledge Knowledge-Base Content WordPress themeWith a fresh and modern design along with a homepage full of widgets and a prominent search bar, the WP iKnowledge theme will help you get your support website published in a very short time. The theme allows you to configure assistance categories on the homepage and integration with bbPres is great to provide an additional channel of support.

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5. Knowhow – WordPress theme Knowledge Base Resonctive

knowhow WordPress themeKnowhow is a responsive WP theme with a knowledge base that is incredibly easy to configure. Its features include:

Real-time search based on AJAX
Answers to Frequently Asked Questions Page Template
Post Video Format Support
Extensive customization
The subject is also ready to be translated and includes extensive documentation.

6. TechDesk – Colorful Wiki Style Support WordPress Theme
TechDesk Colorful Support Wiki-Style WordPress ThemeThe TechDesk theme makes it easy to find the right category for the customer’s problem. The homepage has several sections of different colors and the theme works thanks to the SMOF Options Panel, which provides tons of options to manage and modify any aspect of the topic. The wiki style WordPress theme also comes with 9 custom widgets, 5 areas with widgets, 5 post formats, and unlimited start page layouts.

7. HelpGuru – A WordPress Theme Wiki Style with Self-Service Support
HelpGuru A Self-Service Help WordPress Wiki ThemeTry the WP HelpGuru theme if you would like the ability to receive an answer in your support articles so that you know what areas you need to improve. This theme also comes with the ability to organize your content and structure it in the most logical way. You can quickly add attachments to your articles and allow clients to download help files.

8. Altera – Theme of Intuitive Knowledge Base and Full of Benefits
Altera knowledge-based WordPress themeAltera presents a clean and intuitive design and includes instant search, areas with widgets, Frequently Asked Questions post format, integration with bbPress, shortcodes and much more. You can even upload your own logo and take advantage of fixed menus so your customers can always find their way around the site.

9. Lore – Simple and Elegant WordPress Theme Wiki Style
Lore simple WordPress Wiki-style themeWith positive customer responses such as: “One of the fastest subjects of all the ones I’ve bought for years.” Consider the WordPres Lore theme if you want your support site to load as fast as possible.

The theme has an elegant and simple design with all the necessary functionality for a powerful knowledge base. Instant search with filters, integration with bbPress, post types of Answers to Common Questions-it’s all there so you can quickly create a support site for your customers.

10. Manual – Versatile Online Documentation Theme & Help Center
Manual helpdesk WordPress wiki themeThe WordPress Manual theme is a complete solution for your knowledge base and online documentation website. The topic can be used for a knowledge base, Answers to Frequently Asked Questions, online documentation and support forum site. It includes:

Multiple Layouts of Home Page
Attached files
Target Search (all the site, category, and more)
Visitor statistics
Article Response and more
It is also fully responsive and customizable as well as ready for translation.

11. Helper – Elegant and Modern Knowledge Base WordPress Theme
Helper Knowledge-Base WordPress themeThe Helper theme comes with an elegant user interface, a powerful page builder, and custom post types to handle all the posts in the knowledge base. The WordPress theme also includes an extensive panel of theme options to customize every aspect of your site.

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12. SupportDeske – Customizable WordPress Theme of Help Center
SupportDesk Helpdesk WordPress Wiki themeWith a responsive design and the ability to customize every aspect of your theme, the SupportDesk theme will ensure that the support section of your website looks great on every device and matches your brand. The WordPress theme comes with bbPress support, Real-Time Search based on AJAX, and a Respite page template to Frequently Asked Questions.

13. QAEngine- WordPress Theme of Question and Answer
QAEngine QA WordPress knowledge base WordPress themeThe QAEngine theme is a great way to provide your customers with quick answers to their questions. The WP theme also supports a point and badge system so your customers can vote for the most useful answer. The questions can be divided into categories and labeled to facilitate the search. Still better, the subject is totally responsive.

14. Sentric – Attractive WordPress Theme with Knowledge Base
Sentric Knwoeldge-Base WordPress Wiki-Style ThemeSentric contains a ton of features and an attractive design that will make your site stand out. The wiki style WordPress theme can be used for knowledge base websites as well as a support forum thanks to the integration with bbPress. You can also show the most popular items and accordion support to facilitate the location of your items.

15. TicketRama – WordPress Theme of Knowledge Base & Ticket
TicketRama Knowledge-Base WordPress themeThe TicketRama theme is a great choice if you want to allow your customers to send help tickets in case they do not find the solution to their problem and need more help. The benefits of the subject include:

Fully Functional Ticket System
System of Social Registration and Start of Session
Search in Real Time
Knowledge Base Wiki Style
The WordPress theme is also totally responsive and users can easily have an overview of each ticket they send or any topic in which they participated.

16. iHelper – Help Center Theme Style Wiki Optimized for SEO
iHelper SEO Optimized Helpdesk Wiki-Style ThemeThe iHelper theme not only includes all the features needed to create a knowledge base site, it is also optimized for SEO to ensure that your clients can find you even if they do not know you have a support section.

The theme of WP comes with the Visual Composer plugin as well as three home page demos so you can create the perfect layout for your knowledge base. It also includes voting articles so that you have a clear overview of how good your documentation is.

17. DWHeldesk – Complete Topic with Knowledge Base and Assistance Center

DWHelpdesk Knowledge-Base WordPress ThemeDWHelpdesk will help you create a complete help center system. You can receive, organize, follow up and resolve customer support issues. It includes a knowledge base section, Questions & Answers section, glossary and a Frequently Asked Questions system.

18. VSDocs – Advanced WordPress Theme Wiki Style for Documentation
VSDocs Advanced Documentation WordPress Wiki ThemeThe VSDocs takes your knowledge base section and support to the next level by allowing you to upload and use videos as well as all the standard features of a support website. It comes with an interactive search form, pre-made templates and tons of shortcodes so you can create extensive documentation for your product, application or service.

What Makes a Knowledge Base Website Sensational

A good knowledge base website will be able to answer the most basic questions that your clients have and will help them to know your product. But a great knowledge base will do all that as well as completely eliminate some of the support requests. Here are five tips that will help you create a great knowledge base website.

1. Decide What to Document
Creating documentation goes beyond writing basic instructions. Apart from helping your customers, you can also help keep your employees up to date and make it easier for them to find a specific answer they need when they are helping someone personally.

Your documentation should cover the most obvious parts, as well as provide a detailed description of each feature. Do not forget to keep a draft of questions that arise during a conversation with your clients, and then work on adding the answers in your knowledge base periodically.

2. Structure Your Documentation
The structure of your documentation is crucial to minimize support requests. It covers everything in logical steps, from the beginning to the end. Using categories and tags can help you present support articles in an organized way as well as help users find what they need. Use a theme like iKnowledge to set up categories on the same home page of your support site.

3. Facilitate Finding Answers
Once you have your documentation set up, you need to create the support section for your product. This can be done easily by setting up a subdomain on your main website and then installing WordPress along with the knowledge base theme.

After doing that, you want to make sure that the support section can easily be found on your main website. Include the link to it in the main navigation as well as in the footer of your website.

You can also add it to your contact page and have a personalized contact form that asks for more information and refers to the documentation before allowing users to contact you directly.

4. Includes Essential Wiki Features
Help articles and documentation are the minimum needs that your knowledge base must include. But for your clients to get more out of it, you need to include a few more essential elements:

A Search Bar: A search bar will make it easier for your customers to find the answer they need immediately. Nobody wants to search through tons of pages before finding the answer to their problem.

A Support Forum: No matter how complete you do your work, there will always be something missing. Adding a support forum allows customers to interact with each other and with your support team and find solutions even if your knowledge base does not provide the answer. A theme such as Sentric or Lore makes a sensational work to integrate bbPress with the theme. You can also use a theme like QAEngine for a more interactive approach.

A FAQ section: Answers to Frequently Asked Questions should be included in all support sites, no matter how well documented your product is.

5. Use Multimedia on Your Support Page
Keep in mind that most of us learn better with visual elements. If you can show how your product works, how to configure it, and how to use it by using images or video, much better. Consider a topic like VSDocs to make it easier for people to understand and learn everything they need to know to use your product effectively.

Help Your Customers With a Knowledge Base WordPress Theme
Creating a knowledge base is essential to keep your customers happy. Help them understand how your product or service works and how to use it in the way that best benefits them by using one of the best knowledge base WordPress themes.


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