SEO Tool: Top 15 tools that you should use to position yourself in 2019

SEO Tool: SEO experts have told us, and we believe it. In this article, we are going to present you 15 of the most powerful SEO tools nowadays, which will serve you like the most if what you want in this year is to achieve the perfect positioning of your website.

Take paper and pencil and take notes.

We are talking about 15 SEO tools that will help you position yourself in the network

SEO tool for keywords search

Having clarified that the analysis of the competition is an essential factor to achieve a good level of web positioning, SEMrush becomes that tool for analysis and comparison of data that will provide you with a large amount of information about your competitors.

SEMrush is a very powerful SEO tool, which we could have placed in the category of web audit, but which is known for its ability to offer relevant information in the field of keywords. Data such as the results of specific keywords used by your competition, CPC information linked to them, SEO audit of your website, search of keywords, errors generated by your website …

Everything you can think of that you may need to take maximum care of your search engine positioning. Their plans have a Pro version for $ 99.95 / month, another Guru more focused on companies and management plans for $ 199.95 / month, and a last one for e-commerce projects (Business) for $ 399.95 / month.

Keyword Tool
In its versions Lite, Basic and Plus, Keyword Tool is an ideal SEO tool to get information about volume data, cost per click, Adwords competition, and much more. Data suitable for each city, in particular, language and country, adapting to 7,000 keywords per day.

You can hire it for $ 88 / month in its plus version, passing for $ 68 and $ 48 in the Basic and Lite versions respectively: you can have at your disposal an easy and simple tool to achieve an adequate SEO positioning.
Keyword Io is one of the SEO tools that can help you to detect highly relevant keywords, improving your message and connecting better with the audience. Real phrases that people use to find information about products and services on the web. It has a free version, as well as two other payment of $ 49 and $ 29 per month, depending on their functionalities, which go by discovering monthly search volumes, CPC or competition in Adwords.

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Created by digital experts Neil Patel and Mike Kamo, the Ubersuggest SEO tool will help you both to position yourself in the main search engines organically, and to discover who is positioned through certain keywords. Thus, you will discover if it is worthwhile (or not) to invest in them. A totally free SEO tool that will show you the best and most searched combinations for keywords.

SEO tool: performance optimization

We could say that, for them, their existence is synonymous with measuring web performance in a simple way. And, is that Dareboost allows you to test the speed of any web page, as well as analyze the presence of your keywords in the network. With different prices, ranging from € 19 in your “freelance” rate to € 49 or € 139 for businesses or companies respectively. The difference? Detailed analysis reports, which may include more or less information depending on the selected rate.

Free of charge, WebPageTest allows you to run speed tests from multiple locations, using actual consumer speeds and browsers. It also provides diagnostic information that includes graphics, optimizations, and improvements. In addition, among many other things, it has features that make it an excellent SEO tool to capture videos, block content, and much more easily and simply.

Page Speed Test
A SEO tool created by Google to check the loading speed of websites both on mobile and desktop, and also has useful tips for optimization, as we told you at the time.

But, as it could not be otherwise, also in Google we have to read -always- the fine print, where it says that the information of the SEO tool is intended as a guide. Google does not guarantee improvements in the performance of your site, which may vary depending on location, device, browser or other factors, so we can perfectly use it as a reference and estimate, but paying attention!

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Http Archive
Http Archive is a free SEO tool and, to be honest, quite practical. Its mechanics are simple: enter in your browser the URL or web of any company, and you will get all kinds of information about its performance: loading speed by type of content, page speed score, use of cache … And totally free.

We could say that Varvy is a tool that works in a similar way to Http Archive: enter the URL in your search engine and you can obtain different types of information, such as Googlebot access, responsive design in mobile format, HTTPS security of the page, loading speed, and accessibility. In addition, you can see information about your links, sitemaps, images … At zero cost!

SEO tool for web search

U Search From
As another free SEO tool, U Search From, you can simulate the use of the famous Google search from any different location or device as well as perform a search with a custom configuration. It is useful to search Google as if you were in another place and to perform tests.

Analysis and auditing SEO tool

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Screaming Frog
One of the best-known SEO tools among SEO experts, and fundamental to be able to perform a web audit. It has a free version and another payment, for 99 pounds.

SEO Weather
If you want to increase the traffic of your website or build more relevant links to those that you currently have, Seo Weather may possibly become one of your best allies. A tool that will allow you to massively verify a list of URLs to review your DA (Domain Authority) and PA (Page Authority). To check your rates you will only have to access their website and send an email to the contact place.

URL Profiler
With the main function of streamlining the classification of links, link creation campaigns, cleaning them, content auditing or competition analysis, among many others, URL Profiler is a necessary tool for any SEO and digital specialist perform daily site analysis for SEO and content marketing.

It has a basic version of £ 12.95, another Pro of £ 19.95 and a last one of Agency for £ 49.95 differentiated among them by the number of URLs to be imported.

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View DNS
The mechanism of this SEO tool is quite simple, only by entering the name of individuals or individual companies in your search engine, you can find domain names linked to them. The first-and only-step will be entering the email address or the name of the company/person to find public domain information. And violà! An easy and simple tool to find the information you want when you want.

Last but not the least, here are some tips from the SEO Guru himself.

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