10 life lessons you can learn from Mahatma Gandhi to be happy

Mahatma Gandhi is well known as a visionary, who has committed to coexistence between different cultures and religions all his life. Here are the 10 life lessons you can learn from Mahatma Gandhi to be happy:

1. Do not look for material possessions
When we look for material things, we forget that we are going to leave everything behind. Try to limit your things to 100 and spend your time doing something you like, traveling or sharing with the less fortunate.

2. Eat simple foods and in moderation
Mahatma Gandhi ate on a small plate to control how much he consumed. Keep this in mind when you decide to buy fast food!

3. Do not stress
Mahatma Gandhi was never stressed by anything. He was calm and relaxed all the time, meditating to relieve the tension.

4. Think positively
When negative thoughts enter your mind, think of what Mahatma Gandhi once said. “A man is the product of his thoughts. What you think, that becomes. ” So stay positive.

5. See the good of the people around you
When you see the good things in the people around you, you will feel like helping them. Remember that when you do well, you feel good.

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6. Forgive
Resentment and anger will only hurt you. Learn to forgive. Forgiveness is a feature of the strong, as Mahatma Gandhi said.

7. Live as if there was no tomorrow
Why do you worry so much about the future if you are ruining the present? Do not stop working, do something today that will count.

8. Keep your feet on the ground
No matter how important you are, you can fail tomorrow. So stay humble and treat everyone with respect. You can find them during a fall, after all.

9. Do not let other people affect your mood or action
The secret to being happy is in the fact that nobody, if not you, can control how you feel.

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10. Change yourself before changing others
Only you can change the world, but you must start with yourself. Change how you think and act and find new ways to find solutions to problems.

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